Five Technological Treats from the Holyrood Team


Five Technological Treats from the Holyrood Team


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A new camera has been developed that allows you to make arty photos with the click of a button. The Lytro allows you to focus on your subject and framing – without having to worry about exposure and focus. You can see this interactive gallery gives you an idea of what your photos could look like – pretty cool for the non-professional photographers out there, but for the experts, they might just see this as another way of cheating.



Now my Nanna was never what you would call a silver surfer – she mistook my computer for a television on many an occasion and often declared she could never trust technology, but it seems that these days the nations older generation are more connected to the world wide web than ever before. In a recent study for O2, ICM found that over 77% of over 65’s now have their own computers, laptops or iPad and asked what they like so much about the online world they said that: ‘It is like an anti aging cream’ Pensioners are turning to the virtual world to help them keep in contact with friends or family, do online shopping and even dabble in a spot of social networking – Ivy Bean who died recently was the oldest twitter user aged 104! What still creates a divide between the web generations is the fact that some older people still feel unable to ask for help making the steps online and often feel more comfortable asking people they know to help them. So if you’re Nanna or Granddad is yet to take the web plunge, why not give them a gentle nudge and open their eyes to a whole new more connected world.



I never used to be particularly interested in technology. As long as my phone made phone calls and my laptop could access the internet without spluttering and dying, I was a happy bunny. But now, with so many devices available and so many specifications to choose from, I wouldn’t be surprised that people feel they should know more about what they want. The customer is always right, after all. But maybe Google thought about this when they conceived the Samsumg Series 5, part of the Chromebook range. It could be the answer to many people’s prayers! With only Google software to use on it, next to no data storage and a dependency on the internet, it certainly simplifies the decision making process.

Note: iTunes, Office and VLC Media Player users need not consider this product…as the programmes won’t work.



The Central Bank in Latvia released one million new coins featuring a beer mug on the back in celebration of the country’s popular Latvian Beer Festival.  However Health Minsters have slammed the stunt, saying it is a cheap advertising ploy which encourages alcoholism.  Personally I wouldn’t mind beer token coins because it would take away any confusion that I might perhaps spend any disposable income on something else.  Makes me sound bad, but it’s Thursday and I can almost taste that Friday tipple.  Note to readers……I am not in support of alcoholism, just an appreciator of everything in moderation.



I am a big film fan, I really am. I love reading my monthly Empire and getting the inside track on what’s coming out.

So this podcast is a gem of a find, a diamond in the rough world of cyber space. Set up in connection with Picturehouse City Screen, the podcast is presented, and seemingly recorded and produced, by two young cinema fans, Sam and Simon, who weekly chat about the latest releases and news from the world of the big screen. This is not your typical scratched-together-in-your-brother’s-back-bedroom style fiasco. There seems to be some polish to the affair, especially with the Cannes Special episodes being actually recorded in Cannes. And both the presenters clearly love what they’re doing, they have a real passion for film.

So why not tune in for the most recent episode? There’s some chat about Green Lantern, Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, and French film Potiche.