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Come dine with a PR video for Wee Betty’s Bistro

Bield Housing And Care

Come dine with a PR video for Wee Betty’s Bistro

Bield Housing And Care

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A day care centre in Milngavie has cooked up an innovative service that allows people with any form of memory impairment to have an enjoyable dining experience with their friends and family.

Oakburn Park Day Care, run by leading care and housing provider Bield, has seen huge demand for ‘Wee Betty’s Bistro’, a ‘Come Dine With Me’ restaurant style setting at the development.

The concept came about after staff, recognising that people who use their service experience feelings of anxiety when they are put in unfamiliar surroundings, were determined to ensure that they could still enjoy the simple experience of dining out.

Wee Betty’s Bistro runs once a month and sees the development’s common room transformed into a restaurant, allowing people the opportunity to dine out with friends and family in a safe and controlled environment.

You can read the press release that we sent to the media here.

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