A ‘Gob’ Full Of Childhood Memories


A ‘Gob’ Full Of Childhood Memories


Holyrood PR, PRi magesThe team were treated to a trip down memory lane today when our resident videographer Lewis visited a new retro sweet shop which has opened on Leith Walk. 

Selling everything from bon bons, to dip dabs, sour plums to dolly bead necklaces Candersons has it all – even yesteryear’s favourites, gobstoppers.

Before we popped them in our mouths and gave Scott and Raymond some peace and quiet from our usual yakking, we couldn’t resist playing around with the colourful sweets and create some rather fun pictures which you can also view by following us on instagram, where we are, as you might expect, HolyroodPR. 

Above is a wee amalgam of some of the best shot,  showinig Gaynor looking anything but blue with her tasty treats, our latest intern Swantje posing with a lovely orange pair, Lisa our newest recruit goes for a red colour and Sarah is looking lovely with her pink gobstoppers. 

All this sweet fun got us thinking back to our favourite childhood sweets, so if you have any pictures of you enjoying your favourites why don’t you share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages? 

And if you want to find out more about Candersons sweet shop – then watch out for our next episode of Holyrood PR TV and all will be revealed.