How do you like the way you ‘Like’ on Facebook


How do you like the way you ‘Like’ on Facebook


How do you like the way you ‘Like’ on Facebook


Facebook was giving an emotional response, but not the kind has Mark Zuckerberg tearing up. Gone are the days when all you could do was merely ‘like’ a photo. The way we ‘like on Facebook’ has changed, so now even the pessimists, the lovers, the weepers and the enthusiasts are free to express the full range of emotions in response to a post.
You can “like”, “love”, “haha”, “wow”, be ”sad,” and be “angry”. Facebook hopes that this new feature will allow users to share with the world how they really feel about social media content as well as keeping businesses in the know about how their stakeholders are responding.

But what everyone still hasn’t seen – and is still crying out for – is a dislike button. We think this will never happen, as speculation is that a dislike button will follow an increase in cyber bullying.

So in the meantime folk will just have to click that “angry” button.

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‘New Day’ for Traditional Media

Launch of New Day Newspaper

One of the signs of a great PR team is their ability to get a powerful story in the newspapers. But with many saying print media is dying and being replaced with online news, we say no. The Mirror Group is proving everyone wrong with the launch of “The New Day” –  a new daily newspaper. With The Independent pulling its print and despite many claiming that print newspapers are a dying art, “The New Day” is bucking the trend without any online presence.

The team at Holyrood PR will be interested to see which barriers this publication will be breaking next.

PR in the News

Edinburgh Fundraising Veteran needs to raise his own funds for n

What do you do when one of Edinburgh’s oldest fundraisers needs repairs to his wheelchair? Well if your PR team are from Holyrood PR we tell the story to the media to put the call for help out. Tom Gilzean, 95, is a recognised face on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

Everyday Tom uses his electric wheelchair to get around town so he can raise money for his favourite charity, The Sick Kids Friends Foundation. We have be telling stories for one of Edinburgh’s most loved institutions with stories ranging from celebrity chefs opening a new A&E ward, to the amazing fundraising efforts of a very bearded football player.

But this time our story was focusing on raising money for Tom who has raised £157,000 over his 20 years of fundraising.

Read the full story and video here

We used the power of PR to tell Tom’s story, appealing to both the Edinburgh public and local businesses to come forward and fund a service and four new wheels for his wheelchair. The story achieved a front page mention at the Edinburgh Evening News and made appearances in both Marketing Edinburgh and in Deadline News. Hearing our call Tom’s plight was answered in an incredible 24 hours, illustrating the generosity of the Edinburgh people. We couldn’t be happier that Tom can continue in doing the work that he loves for a very important cause.

An incredible 60 Media Hits
A story that we helped to dominate the headlines this February was the exposed effects that Metal Theft has on not only the Scottish economy but to human safety and Scottish communities. As the news of an important summit to combat metal thefts landed on the Holyrood desk it certainly required our elevated attention.

What can PR bring to your business?

We believe that every business has a story to tell. And our team have years of experience in story-spotting and creative storytelling to turn any story into newsworthy, business-boosting headlines. Whether your story needs to be told digitally with video and pictures, on the air through major broadcasters, or in traditional print media, our team are ready to hear from you. Contact us now to discuss how we can help your business.

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