Vibration Solution For Air Poker Operators

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases

Vibration Solution For Air Poker Operators

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases

Reactec air pokerHealth & Safety Firm Shakes it up for PR Scotland.

Safety and Health Practitioner featured news of Reactec’s new product launch.

Reactec, the firm behind the HAVmeter, has developed a poker attachment which will protect air-poker operators against hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

According to the company, up until now there has been no accurate and effective way of monitoring the vibration exposure of operators of air pokers which are used to settle concrete through trapped air and water.

The paper-based systems which are usually used have been proven to be time-consuming, costly and inaccurate by up to 80 per cent.

One firm that has witnessed the benefits of the new tool is major construction company Dyer & Butler.

Geoff Fox, SHE advisor at Dyer & Butler, said: “One of the initial challenges of monitoring and recording vibration with the air poker was the position of the attachment. It was important to ensure that the operator’s vibration exposure was recorded only through the air flow from the poker handle and not through the pump motor, where the vibration doesn’t affect the operator.

“Not only does this digital monitoring remove human error but the challenge was to ensure a solution that is highly accurate and provides no obstruction in tool usage.”

Reactec has plans to release a number of new products due for release in the coming year to help health and safety, operations and asset managers in their roles.

The full coverage can be viewed on the Safety and Health Practitioner website and was achieved on behalf of Reactec thanks to a PR campaign with Holyrood PR.