Vast Vortex of Web Links For Wednesday


Vast Vortex of Web Links For Wednesday

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With Halloween fast approaching, people everywhere will be racking their brains trying to come up with inventive costume ideas. A father in the US has produced the most creative costume I have ever seen for his wheelchair bound son, Carter last Halloween.Carter suffers from spina bifida so his father created a costume around his wheelchair – an Ice Cream truck!A photo of Carter’s Ice Cream truck has gone viral after being posted on Facebook and then Reddit.I can’t wait to see what his father makes for him this year!


It is annoying when the view, that most likely was part of your decision to buy your property, is obscured by obtuse, dominating hedges from your neighbours garden, but does it warrant being made illegal? MSP Mark MacDonald certainly thinks so as he has delivered a bill to the Scottish Parliament to outlaw high garden hedges. The bill is being backed by pressure group, Scothedge who commented that the bill is not about being “anti-tree” and that “people are the problem and the law must ensure that a small but significant group of selfish individuals cannot continue to behave in a way that the vast majority our society finds unacceptable.” Personally I find this issue a tad insignificant when there are much worse things going on in the world!


Yesterday you may have seen my blog post about the phone app, developed by the U.S military, that can be used by thieves to case out an individual’s home. Well, fear not technology lovers, today I bring you info on an app designed to photograph the thief who has stolen your Smartphone! Although, as you will see, these two apps seem very similar….Kaspersky’s mobile security app sends you pictures of your phones surroundings through a ‘Mugshot’ feature that accesses the phone’s forward-facing camera, and captures pictures of whoever is in front on the lens. Used for good or evil, no one can deny the marching forward of mobile phone technology.


The Lockitron is a brand new innovative and imaginative invention created for home locking systems. The keyless door lock works by locking and unlocking the Lockitron lock via any mobile phone.S martphone users can download the app after they have bought the lock, and can simply lock or unlock their door. There are more fantastic features to this device, with a knocking censor in place where one of your friends knocks on your door, a general alert you someone is knocking on your door and being able to simply open the door from the comfort of your sofa. The app also lets you share with friends so they can unlock your door without you having to even be there. Will this be the future of door locking systems?


After the news that Adele’s soundtrack for the new Bond movie leaked over the internet yesterday, Bond fans will be in their element. The build up to the film has been slow so far but I get the feeling that it is all going to come to a head pretty soon. The Scotsman is playing a part in the build up by putting up a gallery of the best images from fifty years of Bond including the girls, the baddies and the cars. One not to miss!