UK water cleaning specialists branch out into America

Panton McLeod Press releases

Pioneering Scottish drinking water firm, Panton McLeod, has announced a major expansion into the United States.

The company, which is based in the Scottish Borders and is the UK’s leading firm of water quality engineers, has opened its first US office in Denver, CO, and is planning to provide its innovative cleaning and de-biofouling chemicals to the entire North American drinking water industry.

The firm has launched a new US company, Panton McLeod Americas, to drive forward its operations in America – which will include providing its NSF Certified chemicals to clean drinking water structures throughout the North American continent, such as storage tanks and towers, treatment plants, air stripping towers, filtration galleries and piping.

The move comes following Panton McLeod’s successful 15-year career in the UK, which has seen the company become the leading water quality engineering firm in the country – working with major water suppliers such as Scottish Water, Welsh Water and the privatised English giants, including United Utilities, Severn Trent, Thames, Northumbrian and Yorkshire.

Jim Panton

Chairman Jim Panton said that, following the expansion into the United States, the company was bracing itself for business to boom.

He said: “With these products we are able to offer a solution to the United States water suppliers’ biofouling problems that they have not seen the like of before. We have showcased our materials at a number of trade shows and everyone who visited our stand and who saw the demos could not believe what they were seeing. No one had a non-positive word to say.

“The potential for our chemicals is huge and, although we are only just beginning to supply into the US markets, I believe that we could help revolutionise the cleaning of North American drinking water structures.

“We know our products made in Europe work superbly when applied to European tanks, and it is very pleasing to see our product that is manufactured in the US now being recognised in a North American arena.”

The company specializes in using NSF Certified cleaning products designed for the removal of iron and manganese deposits and bio-fouling from drinking water infrastructure such as storage tanks, towers and various types of treatment works.

The most powerful of the cleaners is PM88 – nicknamed the “Oil Buster” – which has become an industry standard for the clean-up of emergency contaminations such as incidents of extreme contamination, including fuels like diesoline, oil and solvents.

Panton McLeod has already trialled the products in tests for American clients and has received positive feedback from US water industry experts at a number of trade shows across the continent over the past year.

The expansion into the United States comes as the firm’s UK operations continue to grow, with successful inspection and emergency cleaning work currently being carried out for some of the country’s major water providers including Scottish Water and Northumbrian Water.

The firm has also pioneered a revolutionary underwater mini-submarine unit, which is uses to make inspections and tests in storage reservoirs and water tanks – reducing the need to drain the facilities or cut water supplies to customers, which could previously occur during traditional inspections.

The Denver office joins Panton McLeod’s two bases in the UK, which include its headquarters in Melrose, in the Scottish Borders, and an office in Nottingham.