case study montage from Scottish PR Agency

Right at the Pin – U.S. Kids Golf European Championship

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship Media Coverage

Right at the Pin – U.S. Kids Golf European Championship

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship Media Coverage

Scottish PR Agency Lands European Championship on the Fairway to Media Coverage

case study montage from Scottish PR Agency

REACHING the very pinnacle of any sport is an incredible achievement worthy of recognition.

Big or small, physical or mental, being the best takes a huge amount of effort and dedication that can only come from the love of what you do.

This year’s 10th annual U.S. Kids Golf European Championship showcased, once more, the incredible skill and courage of 670 young golfers from across the globe in their quest to reach the top.

Getting the chance to work with this amazing tournament for another year, we took the opportunity to showcase what we love doing and boost the profile of the brand and what makes it great in the process.

Implementing a multi-faceted approach we produced another bag full of coverage to get the word out there.


Teeing off right makes all the difference so we were sure to set up the perfect opportunity to get the Championship in front of its target audience.

We contacted winner of the inaugural championship in his age group, Grant Forrest, after his recent move into professionalism and secured a quote to showcase the incredible potential of the young players heading to East Lothian.

The Craigielaw clubman duly obliged and his admiration and appreciation of the tournament was clear.

We pitched the Scotsman’s golf correspondent, the Edinburgh Evening News and the East Lothian Courier scoring some great hits.

Each title picked up this story – putting the tournament in front of golf-lovers and locals ahead of what would be another exciting showdown.

Van Horn Cup made for kids at U.S. Kids Golf European Championship by Scottish PR AgencyHave a look at the release that kicked off the campaign highlighting the future pros flocking to Scotland for Europe’s biggest tournament.


Not content with national and regional print press we made sure to involve Scotland’s two biggest broadcasters – the BBC and STV.

The result was a one-on-one interview on BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive and a fantastic piece featuring competing kids, tournament organisers and pro golfers on STV’s News at 6.

Not only did this reach a phenomenal 187,500 viewers and listeners but it put a smile on the faces of the golfing prodigies in Scotland as they got a chance to see themselves and their friends on camera.

Picture Perfect

Filling out the last of the scorecard ahead of play was a great round of picture coverage with hits in the Times, The Herald and the Evening Times amongst them.

We contacted the main picture-desks and ensured they knew where to be to find the shots that would work for them.

Picture-centric hits generated more than 546,000 opportunities to see the Championship.

Winners and Ones

Getting on the board in the first round is a great start, but as any golfer knows it is vital that you play your best on every day.

We set up opportunities throughout the week of play for spectacular holes-in-one finding homes as far afield as the Dublin Gazette.

As the play came to a close we created a series of tailored releases to make the most of the fantastic play of winners from all over the UK.

As a result we had a raft of coverage in nine titles including The Ayrshire Post, the Herts and Essex Observer, St Albans Review and the Bath Chronicle – a great spread with 148,218 opportunities to see.

Ruben Lindsay and runners up from Scottish PR AgencyMaking the most of being on top is vital in a crowd. Whether your celebrating your business’ success or those work with you be sure to get the word out there. Take a look at one of our winners releases to see how we hit the headline once more.


Unlike most PR agencies, we have an in-house video department.

We put our expert videographer to fantastic use and this year’s tournament was the perfect opportunity to highlight the international element with some linguistic fun and showcase the high quality of play with a trickshot clips as well as tournament round-ups.

All in all we produced four videos to show-off what’s best about U.S. Kids Golf for sharing and showing off.

A player from U.S. Kids Golf tees off at European championshipVideo can bring your business to life like never before. Check out the four videos we produced to make the most of a highly anticipated and animated tournament in East Lothian.

Social Media

While we are well-versed in traditional PR, we appreciate the value and incredible potential of social media.

Our team put together a detailed social media plan that would bring a Facebook following from scratch to 902 over the course of the tournament.

Utilising a user-generated video campaign of our creation we generated an incredible 63,400 video views on Facebook with 17,600 minutes of views.

Not only did this have an amazing 67,390 engagements but it was another valuable opportunity to bring players and their families into the very centre of the media activity.

Profile of golfer teeing off by Scottish PR AgencyA picture paints a thousand words and a well orchestrated social media campaign can reach thousands of people. As part of our efforts we set up an Instagram account to make the most of a photogenic event. 

All in all we generated:

  • 1,314,430 opportunities to see in traditional media
  • Pieces on Scotland’s two biggest broadcasters: BBC and STV
  • 902 likes and a post reach of 186,591 on Facebook
  • 67,390 engagements on Facebook
  • 63,400 video views

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