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Txt Here 2 Fnd Ur Nu Warners Home

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Warners received excellent PR in Scotland thanks to Holyrood PR

Warners, Edinburgh’s leading property solicitor, has launched a unique service that uses state-of-the-art satellite technology to help buyers to track down homes for sale in their area.

The Warners Intelligent Property system, the first of its kind in Scotland, sends information of the nearest 10 properties centred on the exact location from where the buyer is positioned.

People simply use their mobile phones to text “Warners” to the standard-rate number 84840 which is displayed on all of the firm’s For Sale boards. They then receive a text message containing a link which accesses the firm’s online database of properties.

By using the same GPS technology as found in satellite navigation equipment, the system can tell exactly where the customer is and sends them a link to a page highlighting details of the nearest 10 properties on sale through Warners – complete with a street map showing where they are.

Estate agency partner Scott Brown said that the service had been introduced to make it even easier for would-be buyers to find information about properties they are interested in.

Scottish PR success for Warners

He said: “Buying a property is a big investment and you can spend a lot of time searching through websites and property guides looking for the right place. It can be quite a daunting prospect – especially for first time buyers – so we’ve tried to make it easier for people to get the information they want when they want it.

“If someone is walking down the street and sees one of our For Sale boards next to a property, they’ll be able to text the number on the sign and get details about the 10 nearest Warners properties to where they are.

“As there is just one text number to contact, the service uses GPS to identify where the customer has called from and sends a street map with the nearest properties listed on it. They can then scroll down to find the property they want and access details about its specifications, pictures and viewing times.

“It costs the same as a standard text message, so this is the cheapest service of its kind. Hopefully it will give buyers an extra incentive to take a look at the properties on offer around them.”

The Property Intelligence service is the latest in a list of initiatives that Warners has introduced in recent months to provide extra ease and comfort for potential buyers. The firm already allows customers to view Home Reports free of charge on properties on sale through Warners, while the company’s website has been revamped to make it easier for house-hunters to navigate.

New services improve Warners’ Edinburgh PR

Warners has also incorporated Google Street View on every property listing on its website, so that customers can see photos of the properties’ surrounding areas and neighbourhoods – rather than just of the interior of the building.

Scott added: “Our focus is on providing a clear and realistic picture for buyers about the properties they’re looking at. Other agents charge for providing copies of Home Reports but by doing this, you run the risk of losing business – all for the sake of an extra £30 or so.

“Likewise, many agents don’t want to include Google Street View on their websites in case it puts would-be viewers off, but we think it is a good addition to have. It provides greater clarity about the area of the city that customers are viewing and they’d be able to look on Google to get the same information if they really wanted anyway: so why not include it as part of our service?

“Although house prices are down on their peak levels from two years ago, there are still a lot of people who are buying and selling properties in Edinburgh. In our experience, if you offer customers a good service then they will come back to you when it’s time for them to make the next move on the property ladder.”

Warners, which has four property shops in Edinburgh, has been the Capital’s leading property solicitor in terms of property sales and listings for the past decade. The firm maintains a high media profile and receives positive coverage thanks to a Scottish PR strategy implemented by Edinburgh public relations agency Holyrood PR.