Twikini proves to be the M&S of mobile Twitter applications for PR in Scotland


Twikini proves to be the M&S of mobile Twitter applications for PR in Scotland


Holyrood PR PR in Scotland rates TwikiniAs the Marks and Spencer adverts might put it, this isn’t just any mobile Twitter application, this is a simple, elegant and easy to download mobile Twitter solution from Twikini.

After a bit of a blogging absence, I suddenly find I’m back – and prostituting myself shamelessly.

Y’see, I’ve been up to my a*se in all sorts of work-related alligators, so social networking-type activities have suffered as a result.

No blogs, Facebook neglect, LinkedIn left high and dry, Twitter withdrawal symptoms – yadda, yadda, you get the picture.

Which brings me to my shameless online plug in return for a freebie – all hail the mighty Twikini!

Digital PR from Holyrood PR

The reason is simple: Twitter is great, but not when I am sitting on a bus, standing in a queue at Tesco, hitting balls on the golf course, or enjoying a few jars down the pub.

In fact, whenever I have no access to my PC I’m completely cut off from all my social networking life support systems.

Now, I know that Twitter can be accessed by mobile phone. But until now I’ve found it a bit fiddly and difficult to work out.

So thanks to digital media consultant Craig McGill (currently working in an advisory capacity here at Holyrood PR, PR in Edinburgh) who pointed me in the direction of Twikini.

This simple little application took seconds to download and set up on my Windows Mobile – and within minutes I was up and tweeting from my phone.

PR as part of the social networking mix

It really is that easy. Once I started using Twikini it turned out to be every bit as simple as Twitter itself and – aside from the photo of my missus and daughter – is now the best looking thing on my phone.

Only one problem. The free download of Twikini only runs for 14 days and the clock is ticking. Like all social network gizmos, once you’ve got it you can’t do without it.

The solution? Those nice people at Twikini will provide the software free for any bloggers who gives them an online review.

So there you go Twikini – a nice endorsement from Scotland’s best PR company!