Tune In for Tuesday’s Trail of Web Hits

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Tune In for Tuesday’s Trail of Web Hits

Holyrood PR Blog
Youtube Clip of Sung-bong Choi

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When Sung-bong Choi, a young homeless Korean boy, decided to sing on the talent show ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ he had no idea what a huge impact he would have on the judges and worldwide audience alike. Left in an orphanage at the age of 3 Sung-bong lived on the streets for 10 years from the age of 5, selling gums and energy drinks to survive. Apparently unaware of the level of his talent Sung-bong’s powerful, operatic voice is enough to send shivers up the spine of even the most unemotional viewer.  


These nail varnishes from Crayola give you license to throw yourself back to your childhood! On behalf of plenty people I know, I think I can say spreading the coloured wax all over the house with Crayola crayons was a favourite past time! Now the company has just released a pack of mini nail varnishes inspired by your favourite colours!Only available in America so far so bring me some back if you’re off jet setting and I’ll buy you some crayons!



Ever wondered how brands come up with smart, concise and fitting names for their products? I have – and until today I always assumed it took time, careful thought and, quite often, a stroke of genius. However, these products – brought to you by purveyor of oddness, oddee.com – seem to have ignored these steps in going for a simple but effective ‘does what it says on the bottle’ approach. With hilarious results. From anti-bacterial hand gel labelled ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals’ to toilet paper called ‘shitbegone’ these products are definitely worth perusing.



Early morning last Friday a Swiss Solar-powered plane completed a flight over the Moroccan desert!  The solar-powered aircraft called Solar Impulse could mark the beginning of a revolution in travel. The plane weighs no more than a medium-sized car, is fitted with 12,000 solar cells. Earlier this month, Solar Impulse flew from Madrid to Rabat, marking the first-ever flight between two continents by an aircraft that does not require a single drop of fuel. This week’s flight took off from Rabat at dawn on Thursday, and arrived in Ouarzazate about 600 km away at 0:26 Friday morning.  The pilot had tried the journey before, on June 13, but he had to turn around because of strong winds and turbulence near the Atlas Mountains. Ouarzazate was a strategically picked destination, because it is where the Moroccan government plans to build the world’s largest solar power station.


​EASY JET’S ENGLAND SYMPATHY (Gaynor)                                               

Many of us Scots will not be feeling any sympathy for England after they were knocked out the Euros last week. That doesn’t stop the big brands however spotting an opportunity to make some cash out of England’s defeat. Low cost airline Easy Jet have found a way to reel English fans in by having a campaign which is fronted by the tag line ‘Tears Dry Faster in the Sun’- make England’s exit easier to deal with. They have put on several offers to European destinations to help soften the blow. They will certainly need it!