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Many complain that obscenities traipsing from a ladies mouth is vulgar but I’ll admit their use is just so f*cking pleasurable. I’ll agree that slipping in the F bomb can be a bit unnecessary at times and for some comedians, overuse loses them comic effect. For the most part though, bash the f*ck on. But why did we start using such offensive language that can easily be used to string a full sentence together? Melissa Mohr sets out to explain our cultural dependence on swear words in her history laden book. Holy Shit: A Brief History of Swearing goes right back to the middle ages with one of her main illuminating findings being that words can only become hidden away in language when what they refer to is hidden away in reality. As this review points out, despite its subject matter the book isn’t really that interesting so the short summary from Prospect Magazine may just be enough to wet your interest before you (we) carry on sh*ttng all over the English language.

Cripsy Choices (Ashti)

Britain is known for its love of crisps. We are suckers for them. So naturally we are delighted to have stumbled over the top 16 crisps ranked in the UK. The usual favourites are there, such as, McCoys, Monster Munch and Skips. However, the number one bag of crisps in the UK is, expectedly, the force of the British Walkers- in this case cheese and onion. The runner up was Frazzles. Frazzles are non-judgemental crisps, even when you can’t afford to buy the real frazzles and opt for the bacon rashers. You will always think, Frazzles. We are slightly disappointed that McCoys only made it to 12, McCoys can change emotions and will always be there in times of need. A bad hangover comes to mind.


Flippy Floppys (Melissa)

Everyone is trying to save money this year, and we have all booked holidays here and there. However it can be quite expensive to pack for holiday. With toiletries using up most of our money, we begrudge spending a lot on items such as flip flops. SO….we are here to help. DIY flip flops see you save money and have flip flops that you actually like the design of. This is a great way to create some flip flops for evening and day wear, just add sparkle.


It’s not the player or game. It’s sleep deprivation. (Lisa)

It is common knowledge that a good night’s sleep can make the world of difference, and it has been said to contribute to the longevity of life in humans. Research has shown that lack of sleep contributes to bad decisions – when someone has had too many sleepless nights, their clarity is blurred and they can succumb to temptations and when they are not able to control their urges properly. The results of this can be disastrous, so get your forty winks and then some.


Write a list, and check it twice. (Ashti)

Summer is finally starting to show through the clouds. Summer in Britain comes hand in hand with festivals. We are here to make sure you don’t forget anything; we have a list all ready to go. Firstly, the most important item, wellys. A NEED MUST, especially Scottish festivals. Also, buy a tent that’s too big, it will still be too small. Another essential is antibacterial gel; we don’t want anyone getting ill. Lastly, a festival phone, this can be found in that drawer at home where all the ‘important stuff’ gets kept. Dig out your Nokia 3210 and get it fully charged, it will last all weekend. Finally, have fun.