Tuesday’s Topical Web Chat

by Sarah Drummond

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Superstorm Sandy














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If you haven’t yet heard about the Superstorm wreaking havoc in the States, then you must live a very ‘sheltered’ life (excuse the pun, it is intentional). Sandy is tearing through New York City, turning off the power and, in the case of this viral video, ripping the fronts off buildings. Posted on Monday, the video shows an unidentified building having its entire façade removed by the storm, the exterior falling into the streets in a cloud of dust and debris. For once, the Scottish weather doesn’t seem so bad…



Who else but Sir David Attenborough would make Tatler’s most eligible list? That’s right along with Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, Mario Balotelli and Sue Perkins the crooner of the nature programmes has joined the list of the most eligible people in Britain. It’s no surprise the national treasure joined the list, after all he is probably rolling in it!



With the rumour that no frills airline Ryanair will soon start charging for hand luggage, following the example of Eastern European carrier Wizz Air, an ingenius invention may save the day, if you don’t mind looking a bit silly that is!
An Irish engineer, sick of paying extra baggage charges, has invented ‘wearable luggage’, which can hold up to 15kg of contents, fashioned as a dress or a jacket.
Would you wear a Jaktogo?




Here is a little something for Halloween. A video on youtube by Ed Bassmaster shows a great prank for Halloween.
Dressed up as a Zombie and he pulls up to the drive thru hiding his face. When the attendent asks what he would like he growls “Brains!”. The attendents are terrified and slam their windows shut. How prepared would you be for zombies in your work?


NIGHT OWL? (Aoibhínn)

Bored of your 9-5? Perhaps you fancy earning a bit of extra cash? Night Owl?

In what is most definitely the most bizarre job advert I have ever laid eyes on, an Australian advertiser has recently announced her desire to employ a ‘night time watcher’ on the Ozzie version of Gumtree.

The lady simply known as Susan has said that she has been finding it difficult to sleep recently and is yearning for somebody to sit in her room at night and watch over her as she slumbers.

The advertiser goes on to say that she finds great comfort in the knowledge that owls are the natural lookouts of our world and asks potential employees to consider wearing an owl costume or should they not be comfortable with that perhaps stick a feather or two to their heads?!

From 11pm to 6am you’d be required to stand watch while the Aussie catches some much-needed forty winks.

The employer will supply one muesli bar snack, but employees must not face her while eating as it’s ‘off putting’ (never mind that she’s asleep and you’ll be sitting there in a feathered owl costume) plus receive no dinner breaks, and can’t use the toilet until two hours after she’s fallen asleep ‘to ensure that I won’t suddenly wake up to find the room empty.’

Interested? Check out the Australian Gumtree to apply, apparently it’s totally legit!



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