Tuesday’s Topical Web Chat


Tuesday’s Topical Web Chat

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I came across a hilarious video at the weekend after tuning in to Russell Howard’s Good News. His show looks at the weirdest and funniest news clips from all around the world and this week’s showed Sweet Brown, a lady who got caught up in a fire in her building in the US. The loud and proud lady was actually hilarious recounting the fire at her building saying she had got bronchitis from the smoke. Her reaction was “Ain’t nobody got time for this.” Now her words have inspired a music video to be made on YouTube. Actually hilarious!


With tickets for the women’s beach volleyball event perhaps being the most oversubscribed at the Olympics – which may have something to do with the fact that the athletes compete in skimpy bikinis – it is time for the ladies to have their fun ogling the male competitors.
Hunky American swimmer Ryan Lochte has been a highlight for me, but there are undoubtedly many, many more sexy sportsmen to objectify.
The following blog should help you along in your decision as to what events to watch in the next fortnight…

http://wheelr.tumblr.com/post/27937753079/hotlympics-the-hunks-of-london-2012 ​


I quite like Professor (or Pro – I’m never quite sure which title is used in all seriousness and which in jest, or indeed whether there exists such a dichotomy) Green. I find his music sometimes challenging, often thought provoking and on occasion delightfully insightful. However, his latest tweeting (twittering, twurping?) goes a long way to undermine any intelligent observations made through his music. Green’s latest twitter faux pas centres around bulimia – an eating disorder where the sufferer throws up what they eat in an effort to stay slim. Green is quoted on several news sites as describing bulimia as ‘an intelligent disorder’. Personally, I have known, and still know, people suffering from bulimia, and when they are going green around the gills and dash away from a laden table to chuck up the undigested bits of food they allowed pass their lips, intelligent is not the first word that comes to mind. Not that they’re not, it’s just bulimia is a disorder, not a measure of IQ, so lets not confuse the two.



We all love rollercoasters, even at the age of 23 I still love the thought of going to a theme park and taking on the biggest, fastest rollercoaster. I hate reading accident stories where unfortunate passengers have been left dangled upside down for hours, or worse, someone has fallen out. The tend to put me slightly off going on the rides. However, this story made me laugh and wouldn’t put me off jumping onboard another ride.
Poor Shane Matus was on the front of the Kingda-Ku rollercoaster in Jackson, New Jersey when all of a sudden he felt a hard object hit him in the face. At first, he thought he had somehow been hit with a ball, but when he started spitting out feathers he realised that a bird had hit him in the face. Passengers behind we left covered it blood and feathers, as onlookers claimed the bird exploded. Have to say, that would be a great rollercoaster photo to keep.

http://news.sky.com/story/966720/boy-hit-by-bird-on-kingda-ku-rollercoaster ​” title=”Sky News Online” target=”_blank”>http://news.sky.com/story/966720/boy-hit-by-bird-on-kingda-ku-rollercoaster


So, for some the Olympics do not only stand for contemporary sporting talent, but rather represents a tangible timeline of cultural and personal history. In particular the history of certain people who overcame political and cultural ideology or their own personal challenges in order to both compete and win at this event. Oddee.com have posted an article entitled ’10 Inspirational Olympic Moments’. Anyone sick of the mention of London 2012 should check this out and remind themselves of the time, among others, that the Olympics helped stick two fingers up at Hitler.