Tuesday’s Top Trending Titbits

by Sarah Drummond

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012


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No matter how important recycling is, it isn’t a sexy topic and when hit with the very word I’m often open gobbed due to yawning not with an expression of excited surprise.
Enter Mexican artist, Pedro Reyes, who got his hands on 6,700 weapons that were due to be buried and instead gathered a gang of musicians to create 50 working instruments.
At the heart of the innovative project is the idea that the music played through these instruments counteracts the violence and pain caused when they were used as weapons on often defenseless victims.
An amazingly creative idea with a clear message and objective.



It’s a Tuesday morning, it’s cold and nearly Christmas, so the present/shopping fear is well and truly looming, and I didn’t think there was much that could make me less positive about the world (I am obviously being melodramatic, but as I pointed out, it is a Tuesday). Then I found out the Pope is to take to Twitter. This offends me on so many different levels that I don’t know quite where to begin. Firstly, why? According to the Vatican the Pope wants to ‘reach out to everyone’ (surely he has a telepathic tool for this at his disposal, thanks to the big man?) so will be tweeting in six languages from his own personal twitter handle @Pontifex. In an apparently reassuring statement, the Vatican go on to say that no one will put words in the Pope’s mouth and that he will ‘tweet what he wants to tweet.’ That’s EXACTLY what scares me, and so it should you. With the Catholic Church’s blatant refusal to modernise in any area that actually counts (gay rights and female priests, to name but two) I find it mind boggling that he is embracing the modern invention of Twitter. Even more unbelievable is the complete lack of awareness of this hypocrisy. But then again, why am I surprised, it’s been going on for hundreds of years.



Most people will be using the world of online shopping this Christmas, not just for presents but also for their Christmas outfits. Not satisfied that they have been giving fashion retailer ASOS a run for their money in the style stakes, Amazon has launched a premium fashion store today hoping to rival the likes of them and Net-A- Porter. Look out for big brands including 7 For All Mankind and Pringle on the site.



It’s still only Tuesday and not even mid day so hopefully your week is and day is so far so good. We all know this can change though and it’s all too common for either yourself, colleague, housemate or partner to come home from work grumpy and loathing the day they have just had. Even though it’s not nice to laugh at the misfortunes of others, if you can see your day turning into a “day from hell” have a look at this link and hopefully your day won’t seem so bad.


NYC BY BIKE (Victoria)

The vibrancy of New York City has been captured on camera many times in many perspectives, but possibly not quite like this.
A photographer called Tom Olesnevich strapped his snapper onto the wheel of his bicycle, giving the viewer a unique vantage point of the city’s sights.
I wouldn’t be exploring NYC on a bicycle that’s for sure, sounds like a death sentence with all the crazy traffic and angry drivers. What a brave chap!



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