Tuesday’s Top Trending Titbits

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Tuesday’s Top Trending Titbits

  BlogHolyrood 5
Weeping Angels

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By now I’m sure you’ve all seen it…John Lewis’s Christmas Advert for 2012. It’s called The Journey and the 90 seconds of snowy seasonal selflessness that lie within were created for the department store by the agency Adam&Eve DDB.

Essentially it’s a snowman with a crush, right? Our frosty hero treks all the way to the big city negotiating dual carriageways and dodging snowball fights, to buy his snowlassie a rather flattering scarf, hat and glove set. Oh the romance!

Contrary to the ooey gooey feeling most people experience when they watch the advert, if you are a Doctor Who fan you may see the resemblance between this chilly couple and the eerie weeping angles.



If you haven’t read the papers, been on twitter or watched anything on the television over the last few weeks, you could be sacked by the BBC! Only joking. But in light of the latest chaos to emerge from the BBC, many are sharing their thoughts and views online and one video that caught my attention was this one. A spoof of Adolph Hitler pretending to be George Entwistle and going completely crazy in his office about the latest scandals and how he is meant to read every newspaper is impossible. It is sure to make you chuckle.


Luxury US department store Barney’s has teamed up with animation experts at Disney to create a fashion fantasy film to be screened in the windows of its Madison Avenue location in New York, immortalising a host of fashion’s key names.
‘Electric Holiday’ features front row favourites including Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker who have all been given the Disney animation treatment.
Apparently once they gave permission to be featured, its stars were not allowed to intervene in the creative process and had no final say in the finished creations.
The video short will be launched tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled, but for now take a look at a sneak preview…



I am one of these people who cannot walk anywhere without being plugged in. Whether I am listening to the same 29 tracks that have been on my mp3 player since I got it (what can I say, I’m a creature of habit will little free time to spend downloading new music) or subtly checking in with the soft spoken, politically oriented peeps on Radio 4, I like to be distracted as I walk. I am also someone who feels the cold acutely (a fact which drives both of our directors to distraction) – so, given these two facts you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across mashable.com’s list of ‘7 Cozy Clothing Items With Built-In Headphones’. My favourite would have to be the body warmer with earphones built into the toggles. Christmas sorted.



Threads is a new personal shopper tool from Shop it to me. Threads lets you follow the latest trends or your favourite brand or you can set up specific searches. For example you could search for Peplum tops under £30 and the site will show you all the different peplum tops that are available in your size and you can even specify which colour.
Shop it to me originally started out with Salemail which emailed subscribers when products from their favourite brand in their size go into the sale. Threads lets you look for any piece of clothing or accessory without blowing your budget. What’s even better is that it includes UK retailers. They are hoping to expand into social media in the near future so that you will be able to follow what other people are shopping for.