Tuesday’s Tangle Of Titillating Web Tales

by Sarah Drummond

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Youtube McDonalds FriesWe’re always on the hunt for news of the bizarre, funny, controversial, inspiring and straight down geniusness-so get sending on Facebook or Twitter!


Fast food giant MacDonalds is all about transparency these days. Last year the firm released a video which explained why its Big Macs look so different in their advertisements to real life and another which proved its burgers are made with 100% beef. Ever wondered how they get their french fries so stringy? MacDonald’s latest video shows you how they are made, and follows the process from the days in a potato field until they reach your plate. Undoubtedly the process has been glamourised but it is certainly a commendable approach – in this day and age people want to know where their food comes from after all of the scare stories that do the rounds about MacDonalds and other fast food chains.



LG’s launch of their new IPS screens had unsuspecting lift users fearing for their lives. To demonstrate how ‘life like’ their new screens are, the people at LG installed 9 monitors on a lift floor. When members of the public got in the lift the lights flickered and then came back on just in time for our lift riders to see the floor fall away from below their feet. Cue terror and scrabbling for railings from the riders.
There is speculation that the people in the lift are nothing more than actors. Cruel perhaps but the video gave us a chuckle on a rainy morning.



New York blogger Stella Boonshoft, has found herself in the midst of a social media frenzy, after she posted a picture of herself, in her underwear, to tumblr. Now, this must happen hundreds of times every day, however, Stella’s image came with a caption which began: “WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin.” Boonshoft’s blog – and the image – went viral after her path crossed with that of Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York. Her picture was quickly being shared across social media platforms, and indeed across the world. Stella, who suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, dedicated the picture to the litany of people who have bullied her over her size, including the boy who told her she looked like a “beached whale” and the middle school pupil who nicknamed her “lard”. All I can say is hats off to Stella, and the more people who see her blog, the better.



As everyone knows I love Ikea and everything about the Swedish brand. I especially like its new advert ‘Playin with my friends’ which idealises every kid’s perfect tea party. Remember when you would have your bears and dollies to your tea party with your fancy fake china- yeah I do and it was nothing like this. Giant action figures and swinging gorillas get together at this Ikea party and it definitely makes you want to go back to being a kid. Well it certainly makes me want to.


IT’S A DOGS LIFE (Aoibhínn)

This recent viral hit portrays a day in the life of a dog that, let’s face it, looks all too familiar. The ingenious video depicts the daily mundane routine of Dudley, a chocolate Labrador retriever. The half man half dog being is firstly woken by his alarm before making numerous preparations for the day ahead.
Dudley wearily goes through the motions and can be seen getting dressed, using the bathroom, eating breakfast and watching television, before jumping in the car for the commute to work.
The video is accompanied by the song “Hound Dog” and you can rest assured it will put a smile on your face this dreary Tuesday afternoon!!
The hilarious “Ruff Dog Day” video can be viewed on the link below:






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