Tuesday’s Musings; From The Internet To You In 5 Bitesized Bits

Holyrood PR Blog

Tuesday’s Musings; From The Internet To You In 5 Bitesized Bits

Holyrood PR Blog

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GIANT SHOES (Victoria)

The tallest man in the US, Igor Vovkovinskiy, measures a whopping 7 feet 8 inches and has equally large feet to match. Igor cannot find shoes to fit his size 25-ers, and has had a series of operations to attempt to correct the damage that wearing poor fitting shoes has caused and has been left a virtual recluse in recent years as a result. Sick of his podiatric problems, he appealed through social media for donations to enable him to have custom shoes made for him, and in just one day, raised the $16,000 that he required. Reebok caught wind of his campaign and offered to create a bespoke pair of trainers for free (nice bit of PR huh!) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/04/tallest-man-igor-vovkovinskiy_n_1476909.html?1336133571&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009 


It isn’t unheard of for Katie Price, aka Jordan, to make the headlines, but yesterday the Daily Mail got well and truly fooled. Having just starting out in PR I am already aware of the upmost importance of checking (and double checking), everything that I send out – and yes, we all make mistakes. However, yesterday a Daily Mail journalist posted an article claiming that Katie Price had “taken a swipe” at new mother Stacey Solomon by posting an image of a baby smoking a cigarette and the text “just like his mum.” The tweet was sent from @misskatiepriice, a fake Twitter account. The article has now been removed from the site but you can see a screen grab via the link below. I’m sure there would have been a very embarrassed individual in the Daily Mail office yesterday, wishing they had double checked their source! http://themediablog.typepad.com/the-media-blog/2012/05/daily-mail-jordan.html


Have you ever got out your car and thought wow I can’t park? Well I have and now to avoid this feeling I take about 20 minutes to try and straighten up much to the dismay of my boyfriend. At least my parking won’t ever get into the worst parking hall of fame like these people. I really like number five there is something quite artistic about it…. http://www.buzzfeed.com/toyota/the-20-worst-urban-parking-jobs-3d8x


Forgive me if it is too early in the morning (or in the week) but the topic tickling my fancy today is that of female body hair; more specifically what we should do with it. This week feminism is in the news thanks to Francois Hollande and his French presidential campaign. The resident Guardian tweeter builds on the theme of feminism through a link to ‘Ladies: why you should stop shaving’ (also in the Guardian). In this article the author describes women shaving off their body hair as “stupid, arbitrary, gendered bullshit”. I like to think of myself as a feminist, and I feel the various waves of feminism have made it necessary for me to create my own ‘strand’: this ‘strand’ says that what you do with your female fuzz is up to you. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/02/ladies-why-you-should-stop-shaving?CMP=twt_gu


In light of our recent new business win, The Meridian Salmon Group, this story caught our attention – excuse the pun! This week Prince Charles attended the World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh to call for “urgent and collective action” to allow global fish stocks to recover. The congress aims to promote discussion, share knowledge and identify solutions in order to achieve good management and improve the sustainability of fisheries. As one of the top five salmon farming companies in Scotland, the Meridian Group believes it has a key responsibility towards the environment and strives for the sustainability of aquaculture operations.