Tuesday The 20th’s Top Teasers


Tuesday The 20th’s Top Teasers


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MONEY TO BLOW (Victoria)

In what seems like a completely pointless and money burning exercise, an Apple fan in the US decided to fire a series of high powered rifles at his new iPad to test it’s durability.
I get that the new iPad is frustrating for some as it is only a minimal upgrade from the last but surely completely obliterating it is a step too far!
And who would honestly expect their tablet to withstand the force of a Tech Assassin HK53 assault rifle, and why would anyone actually need to know this?
Richard Ryan runs a hit YouTube channel where he regularly shoots gadgets including an Xbox, an iPhone and the previous iPad model as well as placing them in blenders.


We’ve all seen them-constant photo uploads of Facebookers posing  with false casualness, boastful status updates and a ridiculously increasing friends list (who can claim to have over 500 friends!?). Enter the Facebook narcissists! According to recent studies, the social media site shows that young people are becoming increasingly narcissistic and obsessed with self image and shallow friendships!
Interestingly proves what most already be aware of.



 Glow in the dark sushi has become the latest food craze in the States.  The sushi is make from genetically modified fish which were originally bred for scientific research and are now available to buy in pet shops.  A video of how to make sushi with the glow in the dark fish was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral.  Now I love sushi, but the pictures of these rolls with the whole fish on top turned my stomach.  Surely eating something that glows in the dark and was first bred for for the purpose of science can’t be good for your insides!



If like me you grew up watching Disney films you will know as well as I do that the voices behind the various characters sometimes sounded quite familiar. Many of the actors who have played the various Disney legends over the years have doubled up roles and ended up playing various characters in the different Disney biopics. Comedian Verna Felton for example was a regular Disney artist with voicing the fairy godmother in sleeping beauty as well as Mrs Jumbo in Dumbo. Of course when you were younger you didn’t have a clue this was going on. Read more about the actors behind the voices here…



Costume suppliers Morphsuits are the latest company to confirm their attendance as speakers at Think Digital Scotland 2012 next week. The Edinburgh based company has taken the fancy dress supply market by storm with their novelty spandex costumes.
Formed in 2009 with a £3,000 investment the business now reports a £4.1million turnover, conducting around 40 per cent of their business online.Facebook plays an important role in the business’s marketing strategy, now boasting over a million fans on the website. The social networking site has helped Morphsuits to both build its brand and conquer international markets, driving their popularity around the world.