Truly Trendy Topics On A Tuesday

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Youtube free hand circle drawing

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Art classes at school often included the battle of trying to draw the perfect circle like a boss! I can tell you I didn’t know the perfect O could be scored freehand stylee-plates and compasses were my tool! Check out teacher and World Freehand Circle Drawing champ, Alexander Overwi, who nails it in less than a second!!


Yesterday I wrote about Glasgow’s Hillhead subway station getting a makeover and it seems that other stations are also brightening up the daily commute. For the first half of this week, IKEA Australia has redressed the benches in Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station with colourful and vibrant prints. Is this the start of a trend for much more interesting and lively public transport?​


Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for popcorn. The delicious cinema snack has made its way from the theatres to our supermarket shelves and everyone can’t seem to get enough of it. This invention is perfect for the popcorn junkies out there like me. The Popinator shoots pieces of popcorn straight in to your mouth meaning you don’t even have to get up! I think I need one!

I’M NOT YOUR BABY (Victoria)

A new iPhone app aims to help the ladies deal with sexual harassment, providing clever one liners to tackle a range of uncomfortable situations.
The ‘Not Your Baby’ app has been invented by Toronto based charity, Metropolitan Action Committee Against on Violence Against Women who hope it will provide support to women worldwide.
As well as providing sharp witted quips to leering comments for a range of different situations, the app also includes facts and personal stories of harassment as well as legal definitions and other resources.


I have been guilty of, in political debates or discussions with friends and colleagues, of highlighting the United Sates as the primary home of politics based on personality. However, on reading the Guardian’s article ‘Boris Johnson is not the Conservatives’ messiah’ I start to wonder; is Britain falling foul to the same mindless ‘personality over policy’ trap as the Americans? Boris Johnson is a horrible politician; he is bumbling, casually racist and sleazy – not to mention his inability to swing along a zip wire – and although most of these should not be held against him, should they really be reasons to vote him into power? I think not. Buck up your ideas Britain, lets find some politicians with well thought through political agendas and forget about the folically challenged – as much as they make us laugh.​