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The BBC recently dug deep into whether anti-drug adverts actually work. Talk To Frank is the longest running anti-drugs campaign the UK has had and I’d say the adverts definitely capture our attention with their surreal approach to drug awareness but have they stopped a significant number of people from taking them? Probably not. But whilst they’re better than the scaremongering ads with warnings like “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE” the softer touches can be just as bad. Check this old corker of an advert from the 80s called The Chicken Club created with the message that even if you’re being called a ‘chicken’ you can say ‘no’ with confidence. The only thing I’m confident about after watching this nugget filled with kids dancing about like MC Hammer and a man with a mullet hanging about a kid’s playground, is that it probably encourages people to reach for the ganja as a suitable accompaniment. 


So a little bit of controversy form one of Scotland’s leading personalities this Tuesday. Lorraine Kelly, The Daybreak presenter, has been quoted as saying she would bring the death penalty back for someone like Mick Philpott, who was recently charged with the murder of 6 of his own children. The father of 17 started the blaze at the home he shared with his girlfriend, and mother of his children, who was also charged with responsibility for the deaths. Lorraine said Mick Philpott, who already has prior convictions for rape and is a renowned benefit scrounger, was a ‘cold blooded killer’ who she hoped would be ‘forced to spend his days either in solitary confinement or looking over his shoulder in fear and terror of reprisals from inmates sickened by his crimes’. She may have a point.


Here’s a great example of how twitter hashtags aren’t as simple as they set out to be.  #nowthatchersdead did not only give Thatcher lovers/haters somewhere to direct their love/hate on Twitter, but it left some Cher fans devastated. Many “Do you believe” fans read the trending hashtag as “now that chers dead” and were left distraught thinking that their singing hero was no longer with us. Luckily many saw the “funny” side if you will and realised that their popstar was in fact alive, and that it was actually Thatcher that was dead. 


Married couple Roy and Stephanie Beasley are like any other man and wife, except that rather than head to the cinema during their spare time, they transform into their alto-egos playing a mother and baby in an adult nursery. Stephanie takes on the mummy role – dressing, feeding, and cuddling adult baby Roy, while he mucks about care free in a man sized diaper. The couple say their hobby is the ultimate way to relax and have set up an adult nursery at their home in Hampshire for paying adult baby fetish clients to come and have a pop. They even have an adult sized nursery and adult high chair to make the experience more realistic.  


I can sympathise with people who have been cursed with strange names. On a daily basis I’m faced with numerous queries about the origin of my name, why it’s spelt so funny and moreover how is it possible that the letter B sounds like a V? Luckily, I quite like my name, it’s unusual and not at all ridiculous – unlike some. While surfing the web I came across this page with snaps of some of the most hilarious names I’ve come across. Would you visit Dr. Pornsak’s clinic? Or would you purchase a property from B.J. Worthy? Have a wee peek at some of the most unfortunate names that you are likely to ever see.