Enjoy a Taste of Summer with new Tropical Ice Cream

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases

Enjoy a Taste of Summer with new Tropical Ice Cream

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases


ONE of the nation’s best-loved brands is transporting ice cream lovers to warmer surroundings with its new tropical flavour combination.  

Sampling juicy mango and zingy passionfruit, Mackie’s of Scotland has unveiled its newest limited edition offering.

Available from Tesco stores across the country, Mackie’s Mango & Passionfruit will leave ice cream fans anticipating sunnier days as they savour the tropical flavours.

Kirstin Mackie, Development Director and one of three sibling owners at the family firm, said: “The new Mango & Passionfruit ice cream is bursting with flavour. It was an instant hit with our local tasters in Inverurie who helped us decide which flavour to launch next.

“Getting the texture and taste just right was a challenge, as you do associate these flavours with a sorbet.

“It was important to get the right balance so neither overpowered the other when developing the ice cream.

“In doing so, we created over 100 different recipes in order to get the right taste. It was a real trial and error task, but we are proud of the results.

“We feel that we have created a flavour that is refreshing and creamy, yet reminiscent of summer holidays in warmer climates.”

Mackie’s fruity recipe makes use of Indian mangos and passionfruit from Ecuador, creating a real explosion of taste.

The smooth, creamy texture is complemented with soft chunks of mango, which ‘pop’ in the mouth as they dissolve.

Kirstin added: “The delicate flavour of the ice cream makes it an ideal accompaniment or a stand-alone treat.

“A scoop of Mango & Passionfruit is delicious on a stack of pancakes or on a crepe. Kids can even enjoy it as part of a creamy milkshake.

“For something a little more grown-up, the ice cream works well as the basis of a cocktail – served inside a mango shell. Perfect for transporting you to a warm, sandy beach.”

The Aberdeenshire-based brand has already produced 20,000 litres of the new Mango & Passionfruit flavour, which will be stocked in Tesco stores around Scotland. The total volume produced will be subject to demand.

Those looking to grab a fresh scoop can also sample the flavour at the company’s 19.2 parlour in Aberdeen.

The parlour, which opened in December last year, has already established itself as a popular destination for locals with a sweet tooth and served up more than 10,000 scoops in its first six weeks.

To find out more about the Mackie’s name or for more information on the new limited edition flavour, visit www.mackies.co.uk.


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