Tremendous Discoveries on a Thursday

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Shrouded in mystery for over 1,200 years after being swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea, the ancient city of Heracleion is finally offering up it’s secrets as archaeologists uncover amazingly well-preserved artefacts. Known to the Greeks as Thonis but to the Egyptians as Heracleion, this city has been hidden with sand and mud for over a thousand years, and it was only in 2000 that its existence was discovered by French underwater archaeologist Dr Franck Goddio. Alongside a team form the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology, Dr Goddio carried out a four-year geographical survey to uncover the city’s ruins. For more in this fantastic find and some breathtaking images, click the link below.


Everyone always wants to shotgun the window seat whether it be on an aeroplane, train, restaurant or at work. However it is now a proven fact that light boosts our mood and raises our productivity levels. Therefore at work on a sunny day, if you are lucky enough to be next to the window, you will be more alert therefore do more and also be happy. Hat trick. For those who suffer from sleep problems, get out into the sun for 30 minutes. It is said that this exposure allows your body to regulate time therefore make you sleep better, like a sundial!


A reptile believed to weigh 12 tonnes has finally been unearthed by 68 year old Kevan Sheehan. It is one of the best preserved fossils on this planet, dated back to prehistoric years and has been named Kevan. With 12 inch teeth this monster would give t-rex a run for his money! The water monster is over 60ft long! With flippers to propel it through the water this king of the sea, we are expecting, always had its way. Mr Sheehan sold Kevan for £10,000 to the county council where it will be preserved for fans to see!


Our trusty old bank ‘the bank of mum and dad’ is on its knees and we may have to look elsewhere for the fund to get us on the property ladder, or set up in the lifestyle we were accustomed to at home. Millions of parents are no unable or unwilling to help their children, a crisis being made worse by the economic climate. Many parents are saying that they are unable to help out as they do not have dispensable cash. This means that our last option and bail out bank is going down with the rest of the banks. Looks like we may have to start being sensible and do the dreaded ‘s’ word. Save.


So often when we think about police officers we think of strong and fit individuals who can handle difficult situations. Well get ready to have this illusion wiped from your mind as the Sun exposing the nations “chubbiest police officer” Sgt Andy Sharp. Police have defended the slightly heavier officer by saying he is normally working in the office. Regardless, I’m not particularly athletic but still think I could outrun this police officer. There’s definitely something wrong there.