Trams Disruption at Eagle Couriers Makes the Evening News

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Eagle Couriers coverage in the Evening News, courtesy of Holyrood Partnership PR in ScotlandScotland’s leading independent courier firm Eagle Couriers is celebrating another high profile piece of coverage in the Edinburgh Evening News.

The evening newspaper reported on a story about how the trams works in the Capital are adding thousands of hours onto the firm’s delivery times across Edinburgh.

Eagle Couriers estimated that a total of 4600 extra hours are being added onto its delivery times every month, as couriers navigate the road diversions and closures across the Scottish Capital. Director Jerry Stewart says that the disruption is affecting the firm’s business, as they do not charge extra money to their clients for the delays.

The full coverage appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News and came as the result of a proactive media push by Holyrood Partnership PR in Scotland. 

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