Training sessions get a facelift with pioneering “inject along”

by Scott Douglas

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Scottish cosmetic doctor’s work with Brazilian legend told with help of health PR

Health PR photography of cosmetic expert Dr Q

A RENOWNED Scottish cosmetic doctor has been selected to be showcased in a pioneering online “inject along” with one of the world’s top facial jab experts.

Glasgow’s Dr Usman Qureshi – widely known as Dr Q – is one of just four specialists in the UK and the only one in Scotland, selected to be showcased in the event on Thursday (Sep 12).

It will see him guided on precision injection techniques by globally-recognised facial treatment expert Dr Mauricio de Maio. The Brazilian is considered a rock star of the cosmetic treatment world.

As well as being an accomplished plastic surgeon who has co-authored three books on treatment techniques, Dr de Maio is also sought-after speaker and a social media influencer with 84,000 Instagram followers.

Dr Q, a dad of two from Bearsden, has been operating the Luxe Skin Clinic by Doctor Q in Glasgow city centre since 2012 and specialises in high end, non-surgical treatments which give remarkable yet very natural-looking results.

He said: “Dr de Maio is the closest thing I have to a mentor and I follow his work very closely. This opportunity to work with him like this is one that I am grabbing with both hands.

“He is known the world over as a brilliant, inspiring and pioneering expert who has revolutionised non-surgical treatments and keeps raising the bar higher and higher.

“Everything he does is about improving patient care and standards, as well as delivering the best and most natural possible results. To say I am thrilled to be working with him would be a huge understatement.”

ealth PR photography of cosmetic expert Dr Q

The inject-along event is being organised by the pharmaceutical giant Allergan, which makes some of the biggest and best-known cosmetic treatments in the world, including Botox and the injectable filler, Juvederm.

In the morning Dr Q and the other cosmetic specialists will undergo intensive, personalised training with Dr de Maio via weblink, while watching him demonstrate and discuss the latest facial injection techniques on a patient.

In the afternoon, Dr Q will then repeat the treatments – injecting along with Dr de Maio – on a volunteer patient in his plush, advanced aesthetics clinic in Ingram Street, where he has offered discreet services to thousands of discerning clients.

He added: “I have performed more than 15,000 treatments like this and would already be considered extremely advanced in facial injection techniques. However, you never stop learning, especially when treatments and products are constantly advancing.

“When you are dealing with a patient’s face, even the tiniest margins can make the difference between a pleasing result and a truly outstanding result.

“This event with Dr de Maio confirms to my peers and my patients that I am committed to the best possible practice that ensures superior and safe treatment.”

Dr Q, also continues working as a GP, carrying out regular shifts at Cowal Community Hospital, in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute, either in the accident and emergency department, or in the out of hours GP service.

While he has previously met Dr de Maio on other training sessions, Dr Q says the inject-along is one of the most innovative and personalised career development opportunities he has encountered.

ealth PR photography of cosmetic expert Dr QVideo filmed while he treats his volunteer patient on the day will be used to inform and reassure his own clients, while also being promoted by Allergan.

Dr Q added: “Everything I do is the polar opposite of the exaggerated results popularised by the likes of reality TV stars. My patients want to see improvements that will help boost their confidence without anyone being able to tell they have had ‘work done’.

“One of the great things about this training is that I get to enhance my skills and knowledge, but it will also be a valuable tool to show patients how they can get a non-surgical mini facelift to lift and contour cheeks, jaw and chin without risk and downtime of surgery.”

Other benefit of Juvederm fillers is that they can be easily dissolved if any problems arise, while most of the treatments are fast, requiring no more than 45 minutes.

Likewise, his patients rarely need to take any time off work because any slight bruising is easily covered with make-up. Results are also incredibly quick, usually visible within two weeks as fillers bind to the skin. Results can last up to two years.

More information on Dr Q’s clinic and services can be found at

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