Train Hits Baby’s Pram – And It’s Captured for The Whole World to See


Train Hits Baby’s Pram – And It’s Captured for The Whole World to See


Watching this in genuine horror I found myself, for the first time since childhood, involuntarily thrusting my hands across my eyes, as if that vain act could prevent this footage from reaching my brain.

It is probably the most compelling and shocking short piece of film I’ll see this year, helped along by the ITN reporter’s matter-of-fact narrative.

From my selfish media standpoint, it also shows the importance of reputable news organisations in giving such raw footage credibility.

No cameraman (indeed, no person at all) was required to capture the footage, duly recorded by an automated CCTV camera.

No newspaper or TV station was actually need to circulate it to a mass auidence. The internet and YouTube means this film is almost certain to becomea a worldwide viral hit irrespective of terrestrial television exposure.

However the reassuringly professional stamp of ITN (or Sky or the BBC or CNN) tells me this is genuine. Not some trumped up hoax by the malicious or the viral advertising money men.

Purient? Probably – and there will no doubt be naysayers who reckon the footage should never have been released for public consumption at all.

Ultimately, the happiest part of the whole experience was when I was able to breathe again at the announcement the child suffered little more than a bump on the head. Talk about relief.

Any likely long-term damage will be to the mother. I wonder what cameras will be around to record how she copes with the global exposure?

Despite the happy ending, I suspect it will be too much to hope that all the reaction will be positive.