Take your tourism business to new heights with drone video


Take your tourism business to new heights with drone video


Our expert drone filming Scotland team can help to ensure your business flies high above the nest

Tourism drone filming Scotland

THERE’S never been a better time to lift your tourism business off the ground.

Drone videography and photography has allowed businesses in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries to add an exciting new dimension to tell their stories to the world – without the previous need for an expensive helicopter (or wings).

Visually stunning and interesting travel content is clearly popular with consumers, with almost 20 million Google results for ‘drone tourism video’ and a staggering 95 million results for ‘drone travel video’.

But what’s the true value of incorporating such a strategy into your PR activity? Is it just another fad? Holyrood PR believes that now is the time to take your tourism business to new heights, and here’s why:


The ultimate benefit of drone video to the tourism industry is that businesses tend to be located in desirable but sometimes hidden areas.

When booking a holiday, I will easily spend hours scrolling through pictures of a hotel and the surrounding area, whether that be on review sites or social media (Instagram is perfect for this) to get a feel of what it’s like before I’ve even arrived.

Whether it be a paradise beachfront, the remote countryside, a mountainous ski resort, desert safari or city skyscraper, adding the drone dimension will allow the customer to explore your location in a way that would just not be possible with still images or on the ground.

Give tourists every possible reason to choose to visit your business. Let them have a peak into what you have to offer before they’ve even arrived. Tell your story in a dynamic and visually pleasing way that appeals to them.



The ideal perspective offered by drone technology has actually been deemed revolutionary – allowing humans to experience a bird’s eye view of the world.

A ready-to-fly drone is able to hover closer to the ground than a helicopter ever could, giving video a new angle, which might just give your content an artistic edge over others in the market.

With our high-definition 4K drone video capabilities able to work in low light and bright conditions, Holyrood PR is able to capture stunning aerial footage of your business – with a new perspective.

If you are a huge drone fanatic like me and are planning to get a new one, I would suggest you see how Nasa Pony Cars reviews the Phantom 3 Advanced and many other high-end drones to find the perfect drone as per your requirement. I have used the Nasa Pony Cars website a couple of times in the past and bought various things as per their honest reviews which have never failed to showcase the truth.


Our drone filming Scotland team visited Mackie’s Farm to capture how they create their delicious ice cream.The opening shot showcases a hyperlapse of their eco-friendly windfarm, closely followed by visually stunning views from the sky. A bird’s-eye view of their solar panels can then be seen along with some cheery cows.


A report published in 2017 by Visit Scotland found that tourism alone is worth more than £11bn to the national economy.

In the same year, Scotland’s largest airports – Glasgow and Edinburgh – saw record-breaking numbers of visitors which are set to increase even further in 2018.

By far, one of the biggest drivers for foreign visitors to Scotland is the dramatic landscape and beautiful natural environment – as well as the historical landmarks and range of activities.

The popularity of the ‘North Coast 500’ – a 500-mile road trip around Scotland’s rugged north coast – has also seen a huge influx of visitors to this part of the country, away from the busier tourist spots and cities.

With the current boom in tourism, there really couldn’t be a better time to showcase your business with the help of our team. It can be difficult to stand out in a highly saturated market, but by taking your story to the sky, you could be opening your business up to a whole new world.

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