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Advertising can be tricky business at the best of times. Companies triple check everything they are going to publish with rigorous sign off procedures and ample market research before the ad is released on unsuspecting publics. Once the ad is goes out into the big bad world anything can happen. Who could have predicted that a sliding Starbucks van door would turn the brand name into the word “Sucks”? Check out this selection of worst advertising placement fails and I guarantee you a good giggle. 


I am the hugest, and most unashamed, Game of Thrones fan you could possibly hope to meet. Not usually one for alternate world drama, this series captivated my imagination and thrill for slightly inappropriate content (read much sex, violence and nudity). And the best news – season 3 is on its way! I highly recommend this t anyone sick of your TOWIE style or American comedy based series. According to reports this latest series will be more violent and exciting than the past 2 – so if you want to whet your appetite for it hitting our screens in 2 weeks – check out the trailer here.


In America, farting is a bit of a taboo subject to talk about or to showcase in a video, but their neighbours above have come up with a hilarious video that will you in stitches. The underlying subject in this video is social smoking, but they have replaced smoking with farting. The video is an interview with a female who talks about socially farting when out with her friends or to impress a guy, the whole video is genuis. 


Like Busta Rhymes once said – ‘Make it Clap’ but whilst he’s slappin’ his palms together to encourage dem hip dinglin b*tches, the clap was once used as an ancient form of battle intimidation.
In the seventh century, as the Roman empire was crumbling the emperor Heraclius prepared to unsettle a barbarian king but with a weakened army he had to think of plan B. And so came through a group of men employed to simply clap.Did this fend off the gut spilling acts of the opposition? Na. But it did firmly place that empire’s long relationship with one of the earliest and most universal systems people have used to interact with each other.
That’s just the beginnings of the history lesson of the day but it seems there’s a heap load to the simple self hand slap. Read on for more, might fill up some awkward silence space down the pub or never to be awakened again.


Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Like Big Brother is logging your every move? Well, you are. Have a peek at these embarrassing shots of people doing cringy things including walking about naked and hiding in car boots which were all so skilfully caught on camera. So if you ever see a Google car drive by then make sure your private parts are well and truly hidden and that you don’t get caught out like these unlucky flashers.