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Top Notch Web Linking Hits

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Humans of New York

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When I visited New York City, I was in awe of the eclectic mix of people and cultures. I didn’t know where to direct my vision most of the time – there were just so many incredible sights and some wonderfully odd looking people.
I came across this project on Facebook yesterday called ‘Humans of New York’ and I spent most of my lunch glued to my screen, totally enthralled by the images posted.
It was started in 2010 by a New Yorker who wanted to create a photographic census of the city by capturing images of it’s inhabitants and mapping the location.
The brief changed slightly along the way, and now quotes are collected from each subject which are posted along with each photo on the website, Tumblr blog and Facebook page, giving fascinating insights into the lives of strangers in the streets of the Big Apple.
It now has 180,000 followers on Facebook and 80,000 followers on Tumblr and has featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post among other outlets.



We’ve all heard the tale that we will consume seven spiders in our lifetime in our sleep! Sounds rank enough if you aren’t a fan of the eight legged creepsters but if you’re asleep during the munchin’ then not a big problemo!
But what if one of the crawlies was squatting in one of your orifaces!? That’s what happened to one woman in China who discovered that an itch in her ear was actually a spider! A squirt of saline got the fella out but the pics give me the shivers!​


For all natural phenomenon lovers out there, this is for you. have created a list of their seven most amazing natural phenomenon that they think you will not have seen. I have to say I was not disappointed. From storms that leave a debris of live fish littering the streets in Departmento de Yoro, Honduras, to goats in Morocco that climb spindly trees and bushes in search of sustenance, there are a wealth of unknown wonders. Another fascinating spectacle must have been the red rain of the southern Indian state of Kerala – reports claim the rain stained clothes red, and that rain of a black, yellow and blue variety was also recorded. Possibly the most visually impressive phenomenon is that of Denmark’s black sun, when flocks of over a million European starlings gather in a stunning formation. Definitely worth a gander.


Anyone that’s watched futuristic sci-fi movies will have seen vehicles like the speeder bikes from ‘Return of the Jedi’, and the hoverboards featured in ‘Back to the Future 2’. Well, these methods of transport have been fantasy, until now. As no one is surprised to see a bluetooth hoverboard release. A U.S. firm has just released a video of their new hover bike. The bike, which can hover up to 15ft in the air and travel at around 30mph, is steered simply by leaning from side to side. Aerofex Corp, the company behind the ‘hover bike’, has spent the best part of the last four years developing the new bike. There are now plans to use the technology to develop unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to patrol borders where there are no roads.


I don’t think it will be a surprise that landing a job for search engine giant, Google, is a cushty number! But it turns out the perks carry on in the afterlife as should a U.S Googler pass away whilst under contract with the firm, their surviving spouse will receive 50% of their salary every year for the next decade!
Not bad eh, this information probably shouldn’t be common knowledge-enough leaches out there preying on unlucky victims!