Today’s Pick and Mix From The Web


Today’s Pick and Mix From The Web


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A picture tells a thousand words and this is never more true than for this collection of the 25 most influential pictures in the history of news telling. The collection is extremely evocative and at times shocking and breathtaking. They all capture the moment perfectly and provide a lasting and real symbolic reminder of some of the world’s most terrifying and also most beautiful realities. There are a few in there you’ll recognise and the ones which you don’t you’ll be sure to remember.


I was intrigued to read about a gel which can be used to scare pigeons (often dubbed flying rats) from roosting where they aren’t welcome. To the birds it  has the ultra violet properties of fire. And if they still brave a landing on a ‘burning’ rooftop, the gel smells unpleasant to the birds and irritates their skin. Genius. Now we need the seagull equivalent here in Edinburgh.


I’ve seen some strange online crazes in my time, but few of them are quite so unsettling as Thatcherisation – the art of mutating people’s faces to mess with the human brain.The practice highlights the way that people don’t notice massively distorted faces as long as they are upside down, but then recall in horror when they view the image normally. It was originally discovered by a chap called Peter Thompson, who demonstrated the phenomenon using a picture of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for some reason. Presumably to freak people out more.   You can see some examples of Thatcherisation at this link, or by trawling through the darkest reaches of the internet. 4Chan would probably be a good place to start.


Ever had a longing to hear unreleased Islamic funk music from the 70s, view London trams of the 50s or a guide on how to win Space Invaders from the 80s?The answer is with Child Wild’s How to be Retronaut.  Ex museum curator Chris – who has been portrayed as real Time Lord – is building a Retroscope website which will be populated with millions of pieces of content including videos, pictures, music and text from public and private archives.  Rather ambitiously, Chris describes it as ‘a portal into time and space’ which allows the chance to go back in time. However, perhaps a more simple description is that nostalgia fans now have an easy reference to check on any historical place, person or point of history.  But with the added bonus that a search request provides you with an ‘entry point’ to history. So, a search for the Dakota building in New York throws up a series of other buildings linked to it, in which ‘retronauts’ can add new content or their personal story.

SHE’S A HE! (Laura)

Not content with causing a storm by wearing meat dresses, sky scraper heels and telephone hats, Lady Gaga has taken to dressing up as a man for the cover of her latest album and she looks very very convincing. Bearing a striking resemblance to an early Bob Dylan, Gaga poses with quiff, sideburns and cigarette to create her alter ego Joe Calderone, which will only add fuel to the rumours spread just a few months back that the queen of the charts, was or used to be a man. It makes you wonder though – what is Gaga going to do next to hit the headlines as there can’t be that many wacky fashion ideas left or can there???