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When supermarkets launched online ordering services a few years ago, the novelty value was huge and people were excited to find a solution to their shopping woes.  However, many soon became dissatisfied with awkward delivery slots, poor quality produce and short shelf life of their groceries.
Despite the efforts of the supermarkets to combat these issues and improve customer services, numbers have waned slightly in recent times.
Tesco is currently developing a virtual 3D e-commerce store to integrate the traditional shopping trip with the online experience.
Software firm KeyTree has now built a prototype of the virtual Tesco store, dubbed, ‘Store-Trek’ which you can view below – very cool! 


The Olympics and Paralympics may have just ended but the countdown for Glasgow 2014 is already on. Today the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot, which has been designed through a competition with children’s TV programme Blue Peter, will be unveiled in a cartoon animation narrated by the one and only Billy Connolly. The comedy legend will join Sir Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington as an ambassador for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Connolly believes that engaging children in the lead up to the games will be key to its success and that we will have no problem recruiting volunteers. He said: “Glaswegians and Scots are great people for turning out and offering support to all individuals and teams – it will be no different in 2014.”​


So, London Fashion Week finished on Tuesday for another year and for a summary of the international event I direct you to the Guardian video ‘London Fashion Week: Five Talking Points’. Jess Cartner-Morley and Simon Chilvers – the Guardian’s fashion editor and assistant fashion editor – talk ‘the Frankenstein’ theme, the ‘bow motif’, the mint and apricot colour craze, ‘gnomes gardens’ and much more nonsense fashion speak besides. Interestingly they also discuss the role social media has had in making brands such as Burberry, Mulberry and Topshop define themselves far more succinctly. They hail Topshop as being the brand most likely to be able to turn Facebook likes into shop floor sales.​


It’s one of the most iconic images to come out of America in the last hundred years and it can be seen hanging in living rooms and bedrooms across the world. That’s right the picture that sees eleven construction workers taking their lunch break high above Manhattans sky line, has just turned eighty. What’s interesting is that the identities of these men were never really known until a filmmaker unveiled their documentary at the Toronto Film festival last week giving a history of the iconic image and unveiling the identities of some of the men. Turns out at least two of them were farm hands from Galway who turned their back on Irish life for a job in the big apple. If they only knew how iconic they were going to be.


I have spoken about the Slow Mo guys before and how they have a huge following on YouTube for their simple, yet amazing slow motion videos. This video is of the guys trying to endure the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ and for those who are unaware of this, you are to put a heaped tablespoon of cinnamon into your mouth and try to swallow it. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of people recording themselves trying to beat this challenge and popping it onto YouTube, but this video is just that bit better, as with the slow motion ability we can see every dust of cinnamon come out the guy’s mouth as he coughs. There is one comment below the video which sums it up best, “Dragon breath” – you will understand this after you watch it!