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My month as an intern at Edinburgh PR agency

By Veronice Gomiero
Holyrood PR in Edinburgh offer great internship programme

It’s already been a month since my first day at the award-winning PR agency Holyrood PR and I can’t stress enough the fact that time flies.

In four weeks I achieved more than I expected and I learned something new everyday. During my first week I was a little bit shy with everyone and more insecure, especially over the phone, then things gradually changed and I started feeling like an actual member of the amazing team that works here at the agency. I think feeling part of the team is one of the key points of a Holyrood PR Internship.

Usually as an intern you’re not given important tasks or considered much, you just get a new line on your CV, but here it’s different. There’s always something to do and someone to help. Every morning there is a team meeting to know what everyone is working on and help each other with advice from different points of view, being involved in this really makes you feel part of the agency.

I also took part in a few meetings where the team was discussing future projects and ideas to improve results, which helped me get a far better understanding of how a PR agency works.

During my internship I got the chance to help Sarah and Chris to push a competition on the social media platforms for one of the agency’s client, Eagle Couriers, there was a lot of pressure, but I felt useful and part of the project.

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There’s always loads of work to do but that doesn’t mean that the atmosphere is tense or negative, actually there’s always time for a laugh or for a little chat to get to know everyone a little bit more without stop being professional and working hard.

Every week I’ve been given more important tasks and I kept learning right up until the last minute of my last day. Uploading press releases and writing about media coverage was a daily assignment.

Searching for news and making calls to news-desks were also daily tasks and although I was worried about the phone calls originally, it just became part of the routine and gave a boost to my self-confidence, which was great.

In such a little time I learned a lot and I’m sad this experience has already come to an end, but I’m sure that this internship will help me build my PR career in Edinburgh.

I highly recommend this experience as a first step in the PR industry to anyone, but make sure you do all you can to get all you can from it as four weeks is not long and the time flies when you’re busy and enjoying it.

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