Tickling Treats for Tuesday


Tickling Treats for Tuesday

High Five

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So it’s been and gone for another year and hopefully like me you were happy with the gifts that your loved ones spent endless time and money buying for you. If you didn’t get what you wished for you might want to take a look at the delights on this list and add it to the gifts you wish you got! The list includes a cool gift for the lads- a dining room table that turns into a fully functioning poker table and an even cooler gift which I think beats my amazing pressie (a cosy onesie) – a human slinky costume! If you’re still wishing, here is the best place to look.


SAY CHEESE (Victoria)

Christmas is a family time and there’s nothing better than capturing the day with a few photographs. Every now and then you make look back and think wow what a lovely photo. I wonder what these family’s were thinking when they looked back at these. WARNING some of these are absolute horrors although the one with the goths visiting Santa is hilarious!



As a thumb sucking kid I was told that if I didn’t drop the habit, Santa wouldn’t come! Did that work? Nah and I learnt my lesson with a set of old train tracks when I was just eleven. Anyway, that threat had nothing on the poor bairns fearing for their lives in Austria after being told a goat-horned devil will come after them for misbehaving. Krampus the holuday devil is reportedly the Santa’s polar opposite and represents the evil world. He shakes rusty chains and roams around the streets beating naughty kids with a stick. As if the legend wasn’t enough to scare them, the Austrians push it that bit further by dressing up as the evil character and terrorising children during Christmas celebrations.

This is just one of the more bizarre celebration styles from around the world. Spain, Norway and Japan aren’t far behind on the unusual stakes.



I think most of us have heard the rumours that the world is set to end on the 21st of December, 2012, if you haven’t put your pre-death bucket list back down. This prediction is based on the Mayan long count calendar but according to astronomers and experts on Mesoamerican history, this is more likely to fall into the list of failed doomsdays. Made-up planets, a flaring sun and magnetic pole reversals are rumoured to be what will cause the destruction of our planet but each of these is systematically disproven.

So don’t worry folks another expensive Christmas ahead.



I thought I could eat at Christmas but there’s always someone pipping me to the post. Although, after reading the dinner list of Donna Simpson, she can have the title. Apparently she munched her chops through two massive turkeys, two maple glazed hams, 15 pounds of potatoes and 20 pounds of mixed veg swimming in four pints of gravy. In keeping with the desert belly theory, she found room for a dessert of “Ambrosia Salad” (marshmallow, cream cheese and whipped cream topped with Christmas cookies) adding up to a whopping 30,000 calories and £150. Probably why she is the heaviest woman on earth.http://www.mirror.co.uk/advice/christmas/2011/12/23/massive-christmas-feast-46-stone-fattest-woman-in-the-world-ate-more-than-most-families-could-on-christmas-day-115875-23654156/#ixzz1hjYe1MT8