Thursday’s Tumultuous Trove of Internet Hits

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It was often the case that my sister and I would argue when we were asked to share things, especially sweets – so this video held huge appeal as an apparent tool to help people understand how simple sharing can be – maybe we should show it to children around the world in order for them top learn a very valuable life lesson. What happens is this: a puppy and a monkey are sharing a lollipop and they appear to be so relaxed and comfortable with the situation that it really seems a perfect world. However, just like in real life, this harmony doesn’t last. Check it out here:


Maybe this is the perfect solution to when men exclaim: “Oh, come on, you are exaggerating!” when talking about giving birth. As brave males, two men accepted their wives challenge: experience the birth pains through pain simulators. Screaming and kicking their legs in agony, the duo realised of how painful all that is and, after recovering, they even said: ‘Mum if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I’m sorry, you’re like a superhero.” The video has gone viral but no more volunteers have shown up.

GIRL POWER (Aoibhinn)

I’ve always wondered why women have a longer life expectancy than men – and here we have a clue. A group of Japanese scientists have undertaken some research which demonstrates that women life longer partly because their immune system ages more slowly. According to the research, “it’s likely that slower ageing in the immune system of women reflects a generally slower rate of intrinsic ageing”. Well girls, as you see we live longer and we are biologically stronger! Like we needed proof of that.


Zanthe, a Zambawean, was declared dead, however he then sat up in his coffin while their family and friends were paying their last respects. Zanthe was taken to the hospital where he received life support for two days and then he came back home as if nothing had happened. My only thought is that he was lucky enough to wake up before his burial which really freaks me out. Just in case, I think I will write on my bill to have a funeral of at least a couple of weeks, I really don’t want to wake up one day inside a coffin, never mind how comfortable they can be.


Happy days for Angry Bird fans as the popular app is going to become a movie. Obviously based on shooting birds with slingshots, it will be an animated 3-D feature and it’s scheduled to be released July 1, 2016. Good luck to the creatures – it’ll be tricky to achieve the same viral effect on the big screen!