Thursday’s Treasure Trove of Internet Hits

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VA VA VOOM (Sarah)

‘Oh dear’ I hear you say, ‘another prank video, not again…’. Or not – it’s Thursday, we are winding down for the weekend and besides, no one ever says prank videos are anything less than hilarious and a brilliant way to spend ones time. And in the case of this particular beauty featuring Renault, there are also a bevy of semi naked lovelies – nothing not to like. Created by Unruly, this ad sees a few people take a Renault Clio for a spin, which includes an introduction to the ‘va va voom’ button. I shall say no more, but rather click on the link below and watch for yourselves….

MIC – ARE YOU READY? (Aoibhínn)

I have to admit my guilty pleasure is that I occasionally watch the reality TV programme Made In Chelsea. Yes I know it’s full of posh twats, who shop in Harrods, party every night of the week and regularly go on exotic holidays, but do you really think that the MIC cast do not realise how they are portrayed? This ironic #imready advert for the e4 show exaggerates the characters and all the things we find hilarious about them. From Spencer and his constant, ridiculous posing to Olly’s emotional instability and suspiciously great tan. Love it or hate it you have to give the guys a pat on the back for having the balls to take the p out of themselves on national TV.


So you think you are safe from aliens, zombies and the waking dead? Think again. These images show how animals are becoming more and more dangerous and destroying the world. Just kidding. But they are all born with two heads. That’s right. There is a shark with two heads, a snake with two heads and even a cute little kitten with two heads. Although the kitten isn’t scary image coming across a shark with two heads while swimming in the sea? Seems like sci-fi and thrillers are really coming true.


Anyone who remembers the foot and mouth outbreaks in the UK in 2001 and 2007 will be delighted to hear a cure is on the horizon, meaning no more depressing animal-killing periods. Famers and vets are heralding the potential of a new vaccine, which scientists say could be the “holy grail” of preventing another devastating outbreak. Developed by a team of British scientists at Oxford University and the Pirbright Institute, the new synthetic vaccine could have a huge impact in the developing world. This is because it should eliminate the need for potentially dangerous live vaccines, which cost huge sums to store. For more, click the link below.


It seemed to be cooler to pretend you weren’t interested in anything intellectual in class. Knowledge!? I don’t want any of that filling up my brain. Book worms at school got an absolute ripping but now we know knowledge is power and librarians are cool. If you’re not convinced this list of the top ten of the coolest book lenders should do the trick.