Thursday’s Thrilling Selection Of Links

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Thursday’s Thrilling Selection Of Links

Holyrood PR Blog
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For those who are into technology then this story might catch your eye. Social media giants Facebook are in the news yet again after painting a massive QR code on the roof of its Menlo Park office in California. In mid February the team at Facebook created the QR code on the roof of their office through using chalk, twine and paint.  The 42 foot wide code which can actually be scanned from the sky  reveals  a coming soon landing page  if scanned .  Oooo what’s coming next….


An advert is currently being aired in Turkey which uses Hitler to sell shampoo.  The voiceover says “If you’re not wearing women’s clothes, you shouldn’t be using women’s shampoo either.  Here it is.  A real man’s shampoo.  Biomen.  Real men use Biomen”.  The ad uses a genuine clip of Hitler giving a speech and has obviously caused quite a lot of contoversy.  Not only is it shocking that they are using a man globally renowned for his crimes against humanity, they are using him to try and sell something!  How did this ever become an actual advert?!


We’ve all seen the late night call girl tv channels and thought about giving them a call for a laugh! Joe ‘Sheephead’ Worsley, comedian from the since ceased internet channel, ChannelBee, ​did just that. It’s hilarious watching him calling up and asking mundane questions to girls who are desperately try and remain sexy. His victim in this video completely unaware of the prank tries to be alluring when talking about eating Viennese Whirls on her tea break-even juggling and flopping her breasts out (which is censored). Mental!


The miracles of modern science sometimes pass us by, because we’ve all beecome a bit blase about what is possible these days. However, if the before and after pictures of face transplant recipient Richard Lee Norris don’t stop you in your tracks, then give yourself a shake. The shotgun accident victim hasn’t just got a new nose or lips – he’s got the jaws, teeth and tongue of a dead man. A bit freaky, to be sure – but life changing for him. Amazing.


The remains of the earliest stringed instrument ever found in Wstern Europe-dating to more than 2,300 years ago-have been uncovered on the Island of Skye.The surprise has been hailed as revealing insits into how music,song and poetry were used in the ritual of life thousands of years ago and shows the variety of expertise there is in archaeology.A very special find indeeed putting the Scottish Highlands on the musical map of Europe.