Thursday’s Thoughts Inspired By Web Wonders

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Thursday’s Thoughts Inspired By Web Wonders

Holyrood PR Blog

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Trying to get a dog to fetch a ball or stick can be tiresome, especially when the run to the stick and then run away. The first few times can be cute but then it can get a bit boring. But, forget trying to teach your dog how to fetch, what about trying to teach it to CATCH! Purin, the ‘Super Beagle’ lives in Japan and it’s owner has taught this pooch to catch a ball. It takes him a couple of throws but eventually it catches it.

Purin has it’s own YouTube channel if you want to check it out with loads more clever videos, like skateboard and clapping its paws to the ‘Happy and you know it’ song.


Remember that Dutch programme which aired showing two of the presenters eating slices of their own bodies? Well if you thought that was shocking it seems relatively tame compared to this Japanese man who cooked his own genitals for guests at his own dinner party! Asexual, Mao Sugiyama, who at just 22 years old obviously decided he definately won’t have any use for his meat and two veg and underwent voluntary surgery to remove them!
He then went on to take his frozen bits home and organise a unusual dinner party and charged guests £160 for a taste of his delicacy which he thoughtfully seasoned before serving!
Apparently they tasted rubbery and of very little…shame!


As I’m off on holiday to Ibiza in approximately five weeks I am on the lookout for some new holiday threads and I really like the whole tropical Hawaiian feel that is in the shops at the moment. I absolutely love H&M and I am extremely excited to see this new collection which it has put together for Wateraid. The H&M for Water collection will see the Swedish fashion brand donate 25% of proceeds to Wateraid. So you are not just getting funky affordable fashion but are also donating to a great cause. Even more excuse to shop then….


This weekend I will be taking part in the biggest walk that involves women in bras. That’s right I’m taking part in this year’s Edinburgh Moonwalk! After putting in some 6 months training I can say I’m definitely not feeling ready. With the prospect of a wet weekend it’s not filling me with the greatest confidence that I have not yet trained in the rain! Nevertheless it will be a great occasion with the theme this year being ‘Arabian Nights’. No doubt if you’re out on Saturday night you will see beads, bells and boobs galore! Just make sure to cheer me on!


Road rage is one thing – a few expletives shouted out an open window, a fist thumped down on a dash board – but a woman in Falkirk took vehicular anger to a whole new level when she drove for a fifth of a mile with a man clinging to her bonnet. Suzanne Gilchrist ran directly into Stuart Morris after he came out of MacDonalds, and instead of stopping she continued to drive nearly a quarter of a mile, shaking the car from side to side in an attempt to dislodge him. If this shocks you then just wait for the crux – the reason Suzanne and her lawyer gave for her actions was, wait for it…hormonal imbalance. If that had worked a as defence I would have anticipated mass female riots.​