Thursday’s Smörgåsbord Of Fun

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Were you amazed by the Blitz map or did you laugh as hard as we did at dogs driving? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

MAP THE BLITZ (Victoria)

An interactive web mapping service application has been launched which enables the user to search and explore Blitz era London and view the exact locations where bombs fell, as well as discovering memories and photographs from that period.
Previously this information was only available by searching through documents in the Reading Room of the National Archives but has now been digitalised to allow universal access.
As an ex London dweller and history graduate, this project fascinates me – a must see!  


Being 25 and unable to drive has never really made me feel that inadequate until I saw that dogs – yes dogs – are now rallying about in the driver’s seat.
This video of dogs at a driving school in New Zealand had the team in hysterics but its purpose is amazing. 
Set up by a charity, the driving school is teaching rescued dogs how to drive with the aim of proving just how intelligent our canine pals can be.
Check out Monty taking the wheel like a boss and the dog halfway through who gives off boy racer vibes with its frantic steering.
Next step should be getting this clip dubbed. Any takers? I think we should get Capture Media involved!

WHAT BABY? (Sarah)

One of my most recent online discoveries is The AntiBarbie Daily, a website by Napier graduate Kirsty who, with her black sense of humour shinning through, is dedicated to putting the sarcastic spin needed on much of what is covered in the media. From today’s daily selection of topical and hyperbolic contributions to public debate, I have chosen a piece on ‘the royal baby’ originally published on Fleet Street Fox. This rambling spiel, ironically extolling the British public’s ability to willingly consume more words about something yet to draw breath “than are probably in all of Shakespeare’s plays”, hits many nails on the head, and is well worth a read if you, like me, can’t be bothered hearing another peep on the matter. After all, babies are born every day; the only difference is this one is being born into a life of luxury fully funded by the tax payer. On second thoughts, DO talk about it, just make sure the fact the child will be born into maximum benefits is your focus, and not just how the mother-to-be is going to dress over the next however many months(honestly, we’ll find out when it happens, who gives a toss about the specific date the poor child was conceived?!)​


Imagine winning £64m and not even knowing it? This is a problem that someone in Hertfordshire had after they bought a winning lottery ticket and didn’t know about it. After six months of trying to get the winner to come forward and claim their prize, the National Lottery has now donated the money to charity. I just hope the poor soul doesn’t come across the ticket and realise that their money is no longer theirs.


Whether you’re a courageous explorer or a fun loving hippy, there is an iPad case out there for everyone. The variety out there is endless. From shock-proof rubber and chic leather to woven hemp and splash proof covers, Tripwire magazine has compiled a list of 65 of the most diverse designs out there to choose from – perfect for any tech lovers Christmas stockings.  



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