Thursdays Five Links Worth Talking About


Thursdays Five Links Worth Talking About

MTV Movemeber Pic

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Movember is well under way and with the guys in our office growing their facial hair this furry little article caught my eye. MTV have put together 6 of the best film moustaches as seen on cop characters. Featuring Samuel L  Jackson, Gary Oldman, Seth Rogan and more the featured ‘mos’ are pretty impressive. The article doesn’t give an overall winner, but my favourite is Gary Oldman’s simple, traditional and with a good bit of volume – tash-tastic!


I have a confession to make: I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling since I was a wee kid. From the technicolour world of Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man in the 80s through to recent stars like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, I’ve dipped in and out of  this weird and wonderful world for years – watching huge beefcakes knock seven shades of hell out of each other. But given the cartoonish appearance of many of the athletes in the WWE, it’s easy to forget that there are an awful lot of risks that these guys take to entertain spectators. To show just how much punishment the human body can endure, here’s 15 of the biggest falls and bumps ever performed inside the squared circle. I guarantee you’ll wince more than once reading this, and maybe have slightly more respect for wrestlers by the end of it.                                 



Twitter has fast become a great social media outlet for many different purposes. But what happens when someone begins to tweet about you and your personal life such as this tweeter did when he witnessed a couple in Burger King having a row. Andy Boyle, from Boston gave his followers some evening entertainment from the fast food restaurant by giving them a blow by blow account of the couple’s row including pictures of them. Check outs Andy’s post of the real life argument unfolding in front of him. Note to self do not argue with your other half in public, you never know what could end up on the internet!!


I think most of us have heard the horrors of Burke and Hare, Scotland’s most infamous body snatchers come serial killers who supplied the needs of medical students with their sinister methods.  Shocking stuff but now enter Anatoly Moskvin, a Russian historian who stole the corpses of 29 women and dressed them as life-size dolls in his tiny apartment.  Moskvin was charged with desecrating cemeteries after his house of horrors was finally uncovered after his rather unsettling hobby was discovered.  Some of the female bodies aged between 15 and 25 years, were dug up as long as 15 years ago and were apparently in good condition through his method of mummifying their remains.  I suppose he’s living with them so he’s got to look after his host of tenants however it doesn’t explain why he stuffed the corpses’ ribcages with objects including music boxes, toy hearts, bars of soap, stockings and tombstone fragments.  It might sound creepy already but it’s just about to get creepier.  When one of the bodies was moved the melody of the children’s song “The Bear Really Loves Honey” could be heard from the body of a young girl which was set off from a touch-activated musical mechanism placed inside her.
The closest we have to an explanation for his morbid obsession is a childhood encounter he had when he was an impressionable 12 years old and was forced to kiss the face of a dead girl at a funderal.
A nice wee story to tell the bairns at bedtime.


I make no apologies for this piece of shameless self-promotion – it would qualify as bare-faced cheek except … well.The male half of the Holyrood PR are growing ‘taches as part of Movember,to raise cash for men’s health charities and we’re charting our bristly efforts as best we can through pictures. We started off with nice smooth cheeks for our memorable Mohemian rhapsody image. But a week on we are all sporting what can only be called unruly five o’clock shadows.”Unruly shadows!”, cried Deadline News photographer. “That gives me a magnifico idea!” (he’s Italian). We’re rather chuffed with the results, featuring scissors, a magnifying glass and much mouser twirling. If you can spare a fiver, click on our charity donation page here –