Thought Trembles on a Thursday

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Bit of an offbeat high five this one, but The Black Diamond Express are awesome, and so I have decided to use this as platform form which to tell you this. Not only are they Edinburgh based but they incorporate the harmonica, sax, violin and bongos (to mention nothing of the flat guitar instrument of which I know not the name) into what can only be described as a funky country, jazz blues, rock and roll mashup. In fact, this doesn’t even cover it. Ever popular underground these boys have just released their album and fingers crossed they’re headed for big things. Check them out on Facebook and YouTube – below is one of their latest releases. It’s tops.


Does the saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” apply to social media blunders gone viral? A member of staff from Friends Reunited recently tweeted a picture with the caption Woolwich, in quieter times…long before alleged shootings and beheadings of today…’. Having its brand ending up trending on twitter as a result of a social media mishap was probably never part of the PR strategy and just highlights the need for a strict social media policy within every workplace. Highly insensitive, a spokesperson from Friends Reunited has issued a statement apologising for the tweet which has since been deleted following the horrific attack which has only been described as an act of terror.


North Korea seems to intrigue us Westerners, and indeed very possibly the rest of the world. This fascination stems not least from the fact that we know very little about what is going on there – international phone calls are prohibited and journalists are not allowed in under any circumstance. A recent Panorama documentary saw a journalist sneak in under the guise of a student, and the results were thought provoking. The poverty was striking and the comparison with South Korea alarming. Weird Asian News online has now posted an article highlighting the fact that Kim Jong-Un plans to end the decades of strictness in the country, favouring a move towards capitalism by introducing brand names like Coca Cola and Hershey’s into certain shops. I guess we’ll just have to sit back, wait, and see what happens. On the plus side, it doesn’t look like there was much in their declaration of war.


Many people are still not realising that you can’t just tweet what you want and not expect any knock-on effects. An unnamed employee who works for Friends Reunited tweeted an inappropriate tweet of a picture describing Woolwich as ‘Woolwich, in quieter times…long before alleged shootings and beheadings of today…’ The tweet was taken down within minutes and the company has apologised for it. The employee was also suspended with immediate effect. So despite company’s social media policies etc , which I assume they had in place, staff are still ignoring them and getting suspended or even fired over 140 characters of stupidity.


Dressing as a sheep could result in a horrific fiery death. Well that’s the claim from one of Scotland’s top surgeons who said “jokes” could prove fatal and advised party goers to ditch the combustible sheep costumes. I haven’t seen one person ever dressed as a sheep, didn’t even think it was a popular choice but of course we’ve all seen the inflatable side kicks. Getting stuck in one of them and being blown alight would probably end in an even worse fate if a quick slip out escape isn’t possible. Apparently eight people sheeped up have been set on fire in the past five years in the NHS Lothian area alone and in 2010, a football fan was fined £25,000 after setting a rival supporter in home-made sheep costume on fire.
I might deck myself out as a sheep costume wearer Guardian if this seems to be such a reoccurring issue.