Thought Thundering Thursday

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Every day is a school day, so put your pencil sharpeners down and open your eye bawling senses as I bring you a list of exotic beasts you probably never knew existed. From the not so unusual creatures which look like hybrids of ones we already knew patrolled our lands to ones that might plague your dreams tonight. With any luck. The naked mole rat is a good one to start you off on the lucid nightmares. Or maybe fairy tale dreams if that’s what your into.

ICE AGE 4? (Ashti)

Russians scientists have found blood and tissue samples from a mammoth!! Yes, that’s right we could have our own Manny the Mammoth. The scientists are hoping to bring the animal back from extinction. The tomb was found just off the northern coast of Siberia, however, we shouldn’t feel too sorry for her as she lived till around 65 years old. Scientists said that she got stuck in a swamp, and this was what ended her. The discovery of this blood and muscle tissue has excited the science world, yet their cloning efforts have not been all that successful so we may have to wait a while before we meet Manny!

Calling all Noughties kids! (Ashti)

We all enjoy talking about the noughties however there has been a list released that will make all the nineties kids feel pretty old!! With a mention of the Motorolla Razor and floppy discs, the list is quite likely to get you reminiscing. We can’t leave out the mention of Supermario, reaching a wopping age of 17 years. However, the best one on the list is naming the age of all the Rugrats, Tommy being 23 years old and Chucky reaching a whopping 24 years old. Feeling older than when you got out of bed this morning? Yes, us too.


Alton Towers have decided to step it up a gear with the introduction of, The Slaughterer. The new rollercoaster has a G-force higher than sub-orbital flight; we aren’t sure what that exactly means, what we do know is this can inflict a major blunt force of trauma. It sounds pretty intense. The cameras will of course be there for the moment when your lungs decide to give way and oxygen intake is not happening. The rollercoaster is new addition along with another few in the last few months, all set to give you an adrenaline buzz that deems you dizzy! Yet, with all this chatter of ‘trauma’, ‘G-fource’ and ‘lung collapse’ we still want to give it a go!

Brain the Robot (Sarah) insurance comparison website has taken to new tactics with a re-brand!! The re-brand is to emphasise the companies heritage which is as old as 2002. The new mascot is ‘Brain’ the Robot, their new advert will feature Brain where he will be making his first appearance. The advert will be launched this weekend during the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent. The brand mascot is to engage with customers and get them engaged with the character. These tactics come after Britain’s now much loved meercats from However will Brain win over the British hearts? Only time will tell.