Thought Provoking Things for Thursday

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Kick Ass 2 Trailer

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KICK ASS 2 (Lewis)

One film which really stood out for me in 2010 was Kick Ass. A pansy turned wannabe hero who takes on the bad guys of his city. But it wasn’t the main character Arron Taylor-Johnson that stood out for me but young Chloe Grace Moretz who was outstanding and very foul-mouthed. The ending of the film left you knowing there was going to be a sequel and now the official trailer has been released. I, for one, can’t wait to see this in the cinema and hope it lives up to the original. This film even has a bad-ass Jim Carrey.


It’s no secret that I have a bit of a soft spot for anything fluffy and cute so this bopping Golden Retriever is no exception. Golden Retriever’s personify everything we love about dogs, they are loyal, loving, patient, great with children and eager to please. Most of all they are one of the most intelligent dogs and it would seem this one is a bit of a music fiend. Check out how Goldie here bops his head along to the beat of his owners’ guitar, then when the music stops the dogs’ expression changes to a look of sadness. Who knew dog’s could enjoy a bit of an acoustic session so much?


Some people think celebrities are a one trick pony but not this bunch. From wrestler Hulk Hogan making burgers to the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman’s metal detector, have a glance over these bizarre celeb endorsements and see how they have expanded their glowing careers. I’ll let you judge for yourself though why Paris Hilton has 30,000 cans of Prosecco in-a-tin left over in a warehouse in Serbia. Some “celebs” should maybe just stick to their day job and stop pushing knock-off products that seem to making them worse off.

Famous Television Show Home Floor Plans

Now I’m one of those people who will view flats to rent in my area even if I’m not looking to move and I also love watching TV. So imagine how happy I was when I was presented with floor plans by Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde of some of my favourite homes from some of my favourite TV shows. Give yourself five minutes and have a nosey at some of these full colour floor plans, you’ll view the shows differently when you watch a character walk through a door and you know what’s in the next room.

World Panoramic Photos

It’s not quite holiday season and this ever changing weather is beginning to take its toll, so how about an escape? This website offers you spectacular panoramic views from places all over the world that really make you feel like you could be there. Find somewhere sunny, put your sun glasses on and have a spin (literally). P.S. Looking out the window will bring you back to reality.