The Web’s Best Bits On A Wet And Windy Wednesday


The Web’s Best Bits On A Wet And Windy Wednesday


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Even if you are not an avid viewer of Countdown, you may be aware of the hilarious word flukes that have popped up over the years, with the awkward footage often ending up on YouTube for us all to laugh at.
In the past, random rude words that have been generated are probably mostly too expletive for me to disclose…maybe I can say ‘fart’!
An absolute gem was produced in the Australian version of the show, called Letters And Numbers recently.
I have no idea how everyone on the show managed to keep a straight face with this one!


Mandarin is renowned as being one of the most complex languages to get your tongue around! But a special website featuring a bevy of lingerie clad models teaching the language may be just the solution. is an online school and brainchild of Kaoru Kikuchi whose goal is to make the language more accessible to other people! After taking a look at the fine picking of women I think students will be wishing something else was more accessible…


For all those DIYers out there, those shows that make over houses, or gardens, or other various large-scale projects are fascinating. They usually do such a good job so quickly that my mind can’t help but be boggled! But this family in Perthshire have come forward to say that the DIY experts who “made over” their home on the show Half Built House have destroyed their 120 year old cottage, and left a larger and more expensive project for them than when the crew first walked over their threshold. Although things look good on camera, windows no longer open, the doors no longer lock, the floor feels like “the Sahara Desert,” and the hand rail for the stairs looks like it was “installed by a twelve year old.” How horrible for the people living there, and how disappointing that those shows aren’t as magical as they seem!

I DO…IN UGGS (Sarah)

It is that time of year – everyone I know seems to either be getting married or getting engaged. Inundated with invites to engagement parties and wedding celebrations themselves, I find myself groaning at the prospect of finding something to wear. In an attempt to put my own wardrobe issues into perspective (by considering the mammoth bridal task of finding that perfect wedding outfit; dress, veil and shoes) I searched online for outlandish wedding accessories and came up with this list of Offbeat wedding shoes. Check out the link below if you know of anyone getting married – it could be just the unique accessory they have been searching for!


Every fashion-conscious girl dreams of a pair of Louboutins, THE shoes of famous women across the globe. Now it seems that everyone will have a pair, as cash conscious fashionistas have taken to painting the soles of their high street shoes red to match the designer’s signature look. A tester pot of red paint from Homebase is enough to cover the sole of an average sized shoe and costs only £1.59, compared with the couple of hundred that a pair of original Louboutins may set you back. Whilst satisfying many women’s desire for designer, I can’t help but think this craze will remove the lust for these shoes that their high price tag brought about.