The Sun’s Handheld Device Beats the iPhone All Ways Up

by Scott Douglas

Monday, November 30th, 2009

You’ve got to hand it to The Sun.

After 40 years of being the most entertaining and, dammit, the cleverest wordsmiths around, they might have been on the run as all the attention switches to digital.

But just because all eyes are on the new delivery channels doesn’t mean that’s where all the talent is.

The folks who brought us Gotcha!, Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster, Zip Me Up Before You Go Go and SuperCaleyGoBallisticCelticAreAtrocious aren’t finished yet.

And as this hilarious new advert shows, if anyone can lead the traditional media out of the doldrums, by engaging the YouTube and Facebook generation, let’s hope its the same kind of people that came up with this.

Mind you – at the time of writing it’s still only got 743 views on YouTube.

So come on, anyone with a love of good, old-fashioned, ink-on-yer-fingers newspapers, let’s make it viral!

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