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How far would you go for a fix? (Ashti)

The Gaza strip is  globally known as one of the most dangerous places in the world right now. There is a lack of provisions in the Palestine province so a lot is smuggled from Eygpt, including fire arms, basic foods and money. There is however another desired good that is slightly more day to day, it has been found out that one of the top goods to be smuggled, is KFC. The only way to import the loved family bucket meals is through the tunnels linking Palestine to Egypt. A firm has been delivering KFC for nearly double the original price however the Palestine’s who want to get their KFC fix don’t care about the price. We aren’t the only ones who need our fast food fix once in a while.

Wall OF Dreams (Sarah)

A construction worker has found a comic book which has taken the shape of hidden treasure. Builder, Gonzalez always dreamed of finding something hidden within walls, and has even hidden some dollar notes himself for someone to come across in the future. So when the builder found 1938 Action Comics #1 book used for insulation he had a feeling it might be worth something. The comic book was worth over $2million, one of his aunts however tore it out his hand in excitement and reduced the value of the comic book. Gonzalez is not too bothered about the tear, saying he is still richer than when he didn’t have a one off comic book!

Problem solved (Ashti)

A clever clog in Massachusetts has solved the ice cube problem. When we want our drink on the rocks we feel slightly under pressure, not wanting to take too long in case the ice melts and the water changes the taste of the drink. Dave Laituri has created stainless steel ice cubes. They are in the form of a marshmallow shape and can chill a drink in a classy yet non-diluting way. We are thinking we might need to try these out this summer, £25 for 6. Not bad!

Is your head in the sky? (Melissa)

You’re only as powerful as your mind, so why not think really hard and make a helicopter fly? That’s what researchers have done and by using the power of thought have managed to remotely control a helicopter through an obstacle course. Electrical patterns from thoughts are translated into motions which are then used in the real world to move objects. This means that this process could go on to help those with neurodegenerative disorders or even play video games.


Footage of the brave protester known solely as ‘Tank Man’ who was seen standing in an act of defiance in front of a row of Chinese tanks the morning after thousands of protesting students were mowed down is considered one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.

Whilst the event has been completely obliterated from China’s historical record, the creatives amongst us have found a way to sneak in references to the shocking event online.