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COUPLES (Aoibhínn)

Who say’s looks don’t matter? Nacho Rojo, a Spanish photographer, along with his girlfriend have created a fascinating photo series entitled Couples. The pair posed for the camera to create nine tremendously alternative looks, making it seem as though the couple have been travelling through some bizarre sort of time warp. The young couplea re barely recognizable in some of the images with an array of different outfits, hair styles and make up. From hippies to chavs, and geeks to some sort of Russian gangsters the collection is rather bemusing but captivating at the same time. It just goes to show what a little lippie or hair gel can do to ones appearance huh? 


Already the title has you interested I bet. In his video, Brooklyn-based artist j. viewz performs an electronic version of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrops’ using only vegetables. Well, not just vegetables, actually; with some grapes, kiwis, and strawberries thrown in, this band is 50% fruity. Regardless, his performance is captivating – certainly not your average vegetable medley. But how does it work? All is revealed in the video.  


The days are getting longer, we’re halfway to the weekend but it’s still not any easier to get out of bed. So how about waking up and not being able to stop your alarm unless you do some maths challenges or take some pictures to prove you’re awake? Sounds pretty grim, well the Freaky Alarm app lets you do just that. Is this what the future of alarm clocks holds or will it just result in phones flying across the bedroom in frustration… I think I’ll stick to my regular alarm that gives me those “5 more minutes”.


Ever think your office is a bit chilly, or maybe a bit stuffy? Well stop your complaining because some bosses says it keeps you focused on work. Mark Zuckerberg likes to keep all of his offices at 15 degrees Celsius as it supposedly makes people actually do their work. However, a story in The Times newspaper revealed that some people wear jackets to keep cosy. Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times management columnist, said that these low temperatures are used to “stop cyber-loafing” and explained that Facebook are “make people so uncomfortable that they have no option but to actually do their work”. 


Attempting to use chopsticks used to frustrate the hell out of me. Especially when smug family and friends are plucking out one singular speck of rice and taking it on an air obstacle course before they plant it in their face hatch – just to show off their control levels. So mine were usually ripped apart just to go to waste after returning to my dining ally, the fork. Although I’m now better at the craft, my refusal to have continual pops at it only for it to fail now hold up as it’s been revealed that disposal chopsticks are killing trees in China.Citizens in China are now being encouraged to carry their own as chopstick production amounts to 20 million 2- year-old-trees.Chinese spoons are better – more in your mouth, more in your guts.