The Queen’s Jubilee Web Hits


The Queen’s Jubilee Web Hits

High Five

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I am a massive fan of Banksy and when in London I love to try and spot his pieces around the place. Of course the Jubilee won’t have gone ignored by the creative artiste and he has paid his own tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Always in his own way he created a piece with the queen’s head and a jagged red stripe down her face just like Aladdin Sane, David Bowie’s creation from the seventies. However this may not be an original Banksy. I’d like to hope it was as although he likes to give off antiestablishment messages, he may have just thought what the hell she deserves a shout out!


We are all used to hearing some weird celebrity fads in the news but this is going to a new level.  A new trend in the celebrity community is getting a drip. No not just when you are ill in the hospital but actually when you feel like you need a boost. Simon Cowell is one of the latest people to admit to indulging in a drip when he wants a boost to his immune system. For just £225 you can get a readymade injection of vitamins into your arm which is designed to cure exhaustion. Earlier in the year pop princess Rihanna posted a picture of herself with a drip after the Met Gala. Many people thought she had been admitted to hospital but it was just in fact a self indulgent quick fix. Shame on her!


I was put onto to this Channel 4 programme by my flatmate and it makes for a fascinating but grim watch! Part of foreign affairs series, Unreported World, we are taken to the dark depths of the Ukrainian Underworld by Marcel Theroux to see the drug fuelled, dank living conditions experienced by thousands of the country’s youth!It’s made more compelling by the fact that the country has invested in billions in infrastructure projects for the European football championships and yet approximately 100,000 children are living in the streets!

ZOMBIES, RUN (Victoria)

Jogging not enough for you? I find it a bit boring myself even with music blasting through my brain but an app called Zombies, Run could inject you with a bit more adrenalin during your exercise routine! This app will put you in a zombie ridden world making you run errands and pick up items for your imaginary base, with the added pressure of running away from zombies! iPhone holders are in luck, Android users will soon be able to get hold of the app but Blackberry owners will have to make do with their average pavement plod!


 For some people yesterday’s Jubilee celebrations may have turned into some seriously ape-ish behaviour, but for one group of chimps at Edinburgh Zoo their Jubilee joy was surprisingly civilised. The group of 19 Chimpanzees were given special jubilee themed food yesterday helping them get into the spirit and celebrate with their almost ancestors. Check out the cheeky pics here…