The perfect way to say I love you is with the perfect diamond

Alistir Wood Tait Antique and Fine Jewellery Press releases

13-AWT-HRIt is probably the only time putting on an extra stone is guaranteed to make a woman happy.

But with Valentine’s Day approaching, giving a diamond – be it an engagement gift or as a token of affection – is always the ultimate gift of love.

Over the centuries, diamonds have remained an integral part of relationships, celebrations and prosperity as well as being items of intrigue and beauty.

But as Alistir Wood Tait, the leading Edinburgh-based antique and fine jewellery retailer, is able to testify there are diamonds, and there are diamonds.

The Rose Street shop has what jewellery experts excitedly call “the perfect diamond”.

The test for any “perfect diamond” is simple enough; it must meet the ultimate diamond criteria covering the four C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat.

In this case a perfect round brilliant cut, perfect D-colour, flawless in clarity and the perfect one-carat size.

And the price for perfection… £16,000.

Mr Tait obtained the independently certificated stone, which has been set simply in a platinum band to make a stunning engagement ring, from a source in Antwerp, Belgium.   

He said: “Diamonds are the gift of love.  They are magnificent gems – no matter which way you look at them, or what size they are.

“But the perfect diamond is really a statement that no words can express.  Anyone giving a perfect diamond is ultimately saying you too are perfect in every way.

“Whether it is for an engagement ring or simply to say I love you, this ring will inevitably get the message across. Any woman presented with this couldn’t fail to be moved.”

What makes diamonds stand out beyond any other precious gemstone is their fire and brilliance.

The precious stone comes in a surprising variety of colours ranging from yellow, brown, blue and green to red or black in hues that run from the deepest shades to the palest tints.

A good quality cut allows the stone to sparkle with fire. The brilliant-cut is the most universal cut as it gives the stones their inimitable splendour.

Mr Tait, whose shop also stocks a range of more conservatively-priced diamonds, said only a small number of perfect diamonds ever come on the market at any time.

Mr Tait said: “Stones like this don’t come along every day and are always viewed as a little bit special by anyone who handles diamonds professionally.

“But diamonds of all sizes and prices will always be a popular choice to give to someone because ultimately they are the gift of love.

“It’s hard to imagine that something which originally starts buried deep underground can end up simply dazzling with brilliance and beauty after extensive cutting and polishing.”