The Ninth’s Never Ending Links


The Ninth’s Never Ending Links

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As you all probably know I have done my fair share of presenting on our famous Holyrood PR TV since I first started. A lot goes into the making of the weekly news video and us girls even have to think about what we are going to wear for the filming slot. As I wear a lot of green I do get the odd reminder from our resident video guy Lewis to not wear my green dress when filming as it will affect the green screen. This weather presenter however obviously didn’t listen to her camera man when she wore a green dress for filming. As you can see she blends into the weather map looking just like a bobbing head. I think I will also listen to Lewis when he makes wardrobe suggestions from now on. 


One of the UK’s largest greeting card retailers is expected to be forced into administration later on today. A high street regular, Clinton Cards is the latest company to suffer at the hands of an increase in online shopping, with companies such as increasingly in popularity. The announcement is currently trending fourth in the UK on Twitter with many joking that it would be funny to send them a “Sorry you’ve gone into administration” card. Funny? Perhaps. Although, I think the announcement is one that we should be concerned about. It is increasingly looking like the high street as we know it may not be the same, or even exist, for very much longer. 


We have all heard the song by Carly Rae Jepsen on the radio or tv. It’s a catchy tune but the guys at Harvard, one of the most prestigious colleges in America, where Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg attended, created a short video whilst one of their classmates slept on the mini bus. The guys tooks shots and singing the verses and then choreographed a dance for the chorus. I like this video because because it’s so simple to do and funny. Many fail at trying these viral hits and some can be complete disasters. The guys have done a great job. 


Over the past 5 years, Facebook has slowly become intrinsic to our daily lives, with 901 million users worldwide.
Psychologists have claimed that Facebook addiction is a real affliction, and now researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have developed a tool to measure obsession with the social media site.
Their research concluded that women, the young, people will poor sleep habits and those who are socially insecure are most at risk of Facebook addiction – quite a broad field then!
University of Bergen study: ” title=”Social Media Dependency” target=”_blank”> 
Original story: 


Now we all know someone who likes their fake a tan a teensy bit too much; someone whose ‘after’ snap is more highlighter-orange than bronzed and glowing. However, I for one was unprepared for the images of Patricia Krentcil whose tanning antics have been the subject of international media speculation this week. Patricia Krentcil of Nutley New Jersey is accused of taking her then 5 year old daughter into a tanning booth after a teacher noticed sever burns on the child’s pale skin. Krentcil denies the allegations but has come under huge criticism due to her obvious tanning-bed addiction. The latest update in the tale of the ‘tanorexic’ is the launch of a doll made in her image. The doll went on sale this week after the personality behind its inspiration goes to court; a perfect present for tan-tastic friends it  can be bought online at for just $29.95.–30.html