The More the Merrier for Wednesday’s Web Wonders


The More the Merrier for Wednesday’s Web Wonders

High Five

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This week I’ll be spending a bum-numbing couple of hours at my nipper’s annual school concert. Like any devoted dad I look forward to seeing junior’s delighted face as the long hours of practice come to fruition. As with so many things, the performance is always much more than the sum of its parts. It’s a source of relief that my daughter chose the violin and not some weighty brass instrument. Talking of ‘relief’, I couldn’t help by smile when I spotted this link for an interesting use for a tuba. However, this little bit of toilet humour is even funnier. What kind of artist gets a tinkle out of a tuba? That’s right – a p**s artists!


For any serial Gregg’s fans out there this is not going to come as welcome news. The government is planning to put 20 percent tax on all its hot takeaway food including its delicious sausage rolls and famous pasties. However Gregg’s have fought back with a campaign which has seen more than 30,000 signatures object to the tax proposal. The bakery chain has also had some much needed support from the National Association of Master Bakers. I say we should all stick together on this one, as although Gregg’s steak bakes are amaze balls we don’t want to be paying over the odds! Capeesh.


This short video is off a guy presenting his findings from watching Bloomberg TV. The show pans round the employees asking them questions and this unfortunate worker was caught in rather unusual circumstances. Sara Eisen was waiting to be interviewed by the camera but after a microphone mishap with the audio not working the cameraman soon moved on to Sara. Unbeknown to her, she is caught with her skirt high up and with something between her legs. She flashes a quick, knowing smile and then moves right into the news about Spain’s banking system debate. Nobody knows if this is genuine or a hoax but it just goes to show that you should always beware of the camera when it’s on and near you. 


For me the words ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Hybrid’ are extensions of/synonymous with, the terms ‘race car’ and ‘environmentally friendly’. Call me simplistic but they are just not designed to occupy the same newspaper column let alone the same sentence… It seems I must be more open minded. This week one of the most elite names in motoring – Ferrari (for any non-car enthusiasts not following) – announces the hybrid version of one of its most famous creations – the Enzo. Now to be the hybrid Enzo. Or the Enzo Hybrid. Before anyone gets too excited at the prospect of going green and looking good doing it, the car is estimated to cost a cool £527,000. Released at the end of the year this is maybe one to set a saving target for.


A proposal to host the Tour de France opening stages in Edinburgh are being pulled together by EventScotland and British Cycling UK.  Now one of the world’s largest sporting events the Tour de France is watched by over two billion people each year. The plans for the 2017 race will attract over two million spectators to the capital to watch the Grand Depart.  Following the 2012 Olympics and the 2014 Commonweath Games in Glasgow the announcement is certainly key for the development of sport in Scotland and the UK. So don’t be surprised if you see several hundred cyclists go past your window!​